Enshrouded: How to Get Glider

Take to the skies of Enshrouded with our full glider guide! Figure out how to make, use, and master these important tools.

In the huge world of Enshrouded, where going up and down is common and exploring is important, learning how to glide is very important. The first gliders that come with the game are pretty basic, but they let players get around pretty easily. In this article we talk about how to Get Glider in Enshrouded.

However, getting the best glider possible is essential for people who want to travel quickly and easily through Embervale’s varied landscapes. Not only does this better glider make it faster, it also makes it easier to turn, so players can move through difficult terrain with finesse and accuracy. To get this coveted glider, players must go on a quest that tests their skills and determination.

They may have to complete difficult tasks or find and collect rare parts that are spread out around the world. When the upgraded glider is obtained, it opens up new ways to explore and go on adventures. It turns the skies into a magical realm of endless freedom and excitement. To get more information go their official website.

How to Get Glider in Enshrouded

  1. Craft a workbench at your new Embervale home. You will need three Strings and eight Wood Logs.
  2. Touch the Workbench to learn the requirements for making a Glider. Gather eight Shroud Wood, two Animal Furs, two Strings, and two Shroud Spores.
  3. Collect Shroud Spores from defeated enemies while in the fog.
  4. Chop down Shroud trees to obtain Shroud Wood.
  5. Obtain Animal Fur by using a bow to hunt wild animals; two should be sufficient.
  6. Return to the Workbench and craft a Glider using the gathered ingredients.

What is the Glider in Enshrouded?

The “Glider” in the video game Enshrouded is not a single item, but a group of items that players can use to glide through the air. Similar to paragliders in real life, these gliders let you get around the world more quickly and easily by skipping over rough terrain.

Enshrouded: How to Get Glider

In Enshrouded, there are different gliders with different stats and ways to get them. You can get the most basic glider early in the game, but it takes more work and exploration to get the best one, the Ghost Glider.

The job is:

  • For a short time, this feature lets players glide through the air.
  • Allows you to get around more quickly and efficiently than walking or climbing.
  • Can be used to get to higher places or go through gaps.

Importance of the Glider in Enshrouded

  • Better mobility: Gliders let you travel long distances quickly and easily, skipping over obstacles and uneven ground that would normally slow you down a lot. This is very important when you’re exploring Embervale’s huge world and getting to different biomes.
  • Vertical access: Gliders let you get to places you couldn’t get to before by letting you climb up cliffs, over mountains, and across chasms. This lets you get to secret areas, valuable resources, and even hidden parts of the game world.
  • To get a tactical edge in battle, gliders can be used as a strategic tool. The glider lets you avoid enemy attacks, change your position during battle, or even attack enemies from above when they’re not expecting it.
  • Speeding up resource gathering: The glider gives you more mobility, so you can get resources from more places much faster, saving you time and energy. This is especially useful when gathering things that are spread out in different areas.

Strategies for Efficient Glider Acquisition

Get ready:

  • Glider Choice: Pick gliders that can turn quickly and see far away. Also, gliders that can hide could be useful.
  • Equipment: Put sensors in your glider that can see through the fog, like radar or sonar. Thermal imaging might be useful if heat signatures are important.
  • Know Your Map: If you can, get to know the map ahead of time so you can find possible glider spawn points and strategic points.
  • Grid Search: Make a grid out of the playable area and search each section in a set way. It takes a lot of time, but this is thorough.
  • If you follow the fog walls, you’ll often find gliders near the fog’s edges. Pay close attention to the minimap as you fly along the fog walls for blips that show enemy gliders.
  • You can hear glider engines and gunfire through the fog. Use sound clues to find possible targets.


How rare is the umbrella glider?

Unlocked. The Umbrella is a Common glider that can be earned by getting a win in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Season 0, and is one of the earliest gliders to be added into the game. The Umbrella set the precedent for a different umbrella for winning each season.

Is the stealth glider rare?

The Stealth glider wasn’t overly popular, which contributes to its rarity.

Is Rainbow Rider rare?

Rainbow Rider is a Rare Glider in Fortnite, that could have been unlocked by reaching Tier 15 of the Season 3 Battle Pass.

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