How to Get Iron in Starfield: Mine it, Blast it, Buy it!

Make, build, and take over! Starfield has everything you need for iron. You can mine asteroids, take over planets with lots of iron, or shop smart.

In the huge area of Starfield video game, iron is one of the most important building materials and is used to make many different things. As players begin their journey through space by building outposts or making minor adjustments to their spaceships at the Technician hub, the importance of iron becomes clear. In this article we talk about how to get Iron in Starfield.

Because it is found all over the galaxy, it is a reliable resource that can be easily gathered from different planet landscapes. This elemental metal has a lot of different uses, so it fits right in with players’ creative projects and helps them build strong bases for their celestial adventures.

Iron is the element that brings together creativity and practicality, whether it’s used to build strong outposts that can stand up to the elements or to improve the sleek efficiency of spacecraft at the Technician’s workstation. So, in Starfield’s universe, which is always growing, iron is not only a common element, but it’s also the main thread that connects players’ imaginative adventures across the cosmos.

How to get Iron in Starfield

Building Bases:

  1. Early game outpost construction: Use the scanner (LB or keyboard equivalent) to build an outpost immediately.
  2. Central command flag placement: Different from building a self-sufficient outpost, place the central command flag.
  3. Choose an iron-rich location: If your world allows outposts, build on a planet or moon abundant in iron (e.g., Luna, Earth’s moon).
  4. Recruit Lin and Heller: These crew members are easy to recruit and effective in outpost operations.
  5. Install iron extractor and companion piece: Slow initially, but as you improve the outpost, success will follow.

Blasting Asteroids:

  1. Enter asteroid-filled orbit: Navigate to an orbit with asteroids.
  2. View asteroids as a resource: Instead of obstacles, see asteroids as potential sources of ore.
  3. Destroy asteroids: Blast the asteroids to yield substantial ore deposits, primarily iron.
  4. Fly near debris: After blasting, approach the debris to collect resources, similar to starship debris.
  5. Maximize time and cargo space: If possible, gather hundreds of iron at once by taking the time and utilizing available cargo space.

Importance of Iron in Starfield

How to get Iron in Starfield Mine it, Blast it, Buy it!

Making things and building

  • Outpost Construction: Iron is the main material used to build Outposts, which are your own safe havens spread out across the galaxy. Iron is what keeps your operations going, from the initial Command Module to different functional structures like Refineries and Habitation Units.
  • Ship Upgrades: Iron is a key ingredient for making upgrades and changes to ships, whether you’re customising your trusty Freestar or tinkering with ships you’ve captured. A good amount of this metal is needed to improve engines, change weapons, and even change how things look.

Getting Resources

  • And getting iron out of the ground: Many planets and moons have iron deposits. Since iron is very valuable in the galactic market, starting a mining operation or sending out Extractors can be a good way to make money.
  • Trading and salvaging: Wrecks and abandoned towns often have useful iron scraps. A quick way to get rich and keep your iron reserves full is to steal these resources and trade them at space stations.

Besides Usefulness

  • Quest Rewards and Faction Reputation: Some quests and missions can give you iron as a reward. Taking part in activities for your faction can earn you reputation, which can sometimes lead to iron-based rewards as well.

Locations of Iron Deposits in Starfield

The early game

  • Etherea Runes (Wolf System): This field of asteroids close to the starting system is a good place to get iron ore early on. Hurl the smaller asteroids into space and look for iron deposits in the debris.
  • Hardpoint (Moon of Navaha, Cheyenne System): The surface of this moon has a lot of iron deposits, which makes it a good place to set up an early outpost for mining resources.

In the middle of the game

  • The Sirius System has Sirius II-a: This planet has one of the highest natural iron levels in the game, which makes it a great place to start a large manufacturing business.
  • Sandrafon (Moon of Samati, Narian System): This moon has a lot of Iron and Aluminium, so it’s a good place to set up a strategic outpost if you want to get more resources.

In the late game

  • Asteroids in Different Systems: As you travel, you will come across asteroid fields that might drop iron ore. It’s likely that bigger asteroids will have more resources.
  • Trading Ships and Merchants: Iron is sold in different amounts by many merchants all over the galaxy, especially in major hubs like Neon and Akila City.

Trading and Purchasing Iron in Starfield

How to get Iron in Starfield Mine it, Blast it, Buy it!

What to Buy

  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis): The Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis is a store that sells almost everything, including iron. For steady purchases, it’s a good source.
  • Other Merchants: Shops in other star systems should be checked out, especially in mining outposts and industrial hubs like Akila City (Neon) or Neon. These places usually have the right resources.

Doing business

  • Bartering: Give sellers things you don’t want in exchange for iron. Before you barter, look at your options because some shops value certain trades more than others.
  • Crew Contracts: For crew contracts, you need to find people with the “Prospecting” or “Trader” skills. As part of their deals, they might bring back iron.


Can you extract iron in Starfield?

You should make an iron extractor and, if you can, a piece that will take the ore straight to your ship. At first, things will move slowly, but as you improve the outpost, things will go really well.

Where can I buy iron in Starfield?

You can find the store in Starfield game at Jemison Mercantile. They will buy almost anything from you, and you can buy a lot of different things from them, like iron, tungsten, glue, and more. There are even digipicks for you to get. If you’re on Jemison in Alpha Centauri, you can find Jemison Mercantile in the New Atlantis spaceport.

Is there iron on Mars Starfield?

But Mars has no iron on its surface.

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