How to Get JAK Bullseye Attachment in MW3

Tired of basic scopes? This guide reveals how to unlock the hidden JAK Bullseye attachment and elevate your MW3 sniping gameplay!

The variety and strategic depth of Modern Warfare 3 video game are enhanced by the many attachments and customization choices available, such as the brand-new Aftermarket Parts. Players can tweak their weapons to make them work better with the way they like to play. In this article we will show you how to Get JAK Bullseye Attachment in MW3.

With the Gunsmith feature and Aftermarket Parts, different weapons can be changed into new types or combinations, which encourages experimentation and imagination. As Season 1 goes on, more Aftermarket Parts are added, giving players more ways to make their guns unique.

Each attachment, like sights or grips, is meant to do a certain job. This lets players experiment and find the best loadouts for a unique and dynamic gaming experience. We’re going to talk about How to Get the JAK Bullseye Conversion Kit in MW3 today.

How to Get JAK Bullseye Attachment in MW3

You can get the JAK Bullseye attachment by finishing five challenges in Season 1, Week 2. For the new attachment, all five tasks must be finished before the end of Season 1. They don’t have to be finished in a week in order to get it.


  1. Hit 30 Operators in the head with a suggested weapon.
  2. As you aim down sights with a recommended pistol, kill 30 operators.
  3. As you aim down sights with a suggested Marksman rifle, kill 30 operators.
  4. 20 Quickscope Kills with a Sniper You Should Use
  5. As you aim down sights with a recommended LMG, kill 30 operators.
  6. It’s suggested that you use an assault rifle to kill 30 operators while aiming down sights.
  7. As you aim down sights with a recommended battle rifle, kill 30 operators.


  1. A suggested weapon can help you get 500 critical hits.
  2. Get 250 Kills with a Pistol That Packs a Punch
  3. You can kill 250 enemies with a Marsman rifle that comes with a pack of bullets.
  4. Get 5 extra zombie kills with a suggested sniper rifle.
  5. Choose a weapon that will help you kill 50 armoured zombies.
  6. Get 250 kills with an assault rifle that gets recommended by Pack-A-Punch.
  7. Grab 250 kills with a battle rifle that comes with a pack of bullets.

Battle Royale

  1. To get 20 Normal or Legendary Chests in Warzone Urzikstan, go to the North-West Region and open them in the Resort, Power, Seaport, or Cargo areas.
  2. For Warzone Urzikstan, go to the Southern Region and open 20 Normal or Legendary Chests in the City, Suburbs, or Manor.
  3. Finish 15 Contracts in Warzone.
  4. Open 20 Normal or Legendary Chests in the Eastern Region of Warzone Urzikstan, which can be found in Military Bases or Farms.
  5. Open twenty normal or legendary chests in the central area of Warzone Urzikstan (Old Town, Low Town).
  6. A recommended weapon must be used to get 40 Operator Kills or Kill Assists in Warzone.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Attempting to Unlock the JAK Bullseye Attachment

  • Not fully understanding the requirements: Not fully studying the specific conditions or tasks that are needed to unlock the attachment. This can cause work to go to waste and chances to be lost.
  • Ignoring what the community knows: Not paying attention to the strategies, tips, and common mistakes that more experienced players or community groups share.
How to Get JAK Bullseye Attachment in MW3
  • Underestimating the level of skill needed means taking on difficult jobs without enough practice or preparation, which can lead to frustration and failure.
  • Not using important skills: Forgetting important skills needed for certain tasks, like how to aim accurately, handle resources, or think strategically.
  • Neglecting resource management means not making the best use of resources, which can cause gaps at crucial times.


Why is the Jak bullseye not showing up in Modern Warfare 3?

The goal for this task is for players to kill 10 enemies with headshots while aiming down sights with sniper rifles. In the Season 1 Battle Pass, go to the Classified Sector (A21) to see the real unlock condition.

What is the Jak bullseye attachment for MW3?

The addition in MW3 game only gives you a new view of the area. In MW3, the Jack Bullseye addition doesn’t cut down on ads or change gun stats, but it does make the iron sights better. In MW3, there’s no point in using the Bullseye attachment because it doesn’t make you more visible like other attachments do.

What is the most powerful gun in MW3?

The SVA 545 assault weapon does the most damage in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). Its damage stat is 40/31/31. People know that this gun can do a lot of damage.

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