Baldur’s Gate 3: How to get Leave No One Behind achievement

Master BG3's "Leave No One Behind" achievement and keep all Tieflings safe. This guide will help you make all the important decisions!

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the “No One Left Behind” achievement is very hard to get because you have to carefully find and gather all the Tieflings that are spread out throughout the game. In this guide we talk about how to get Leave No One Behind achievement in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Tieflings are often hidden in strange places or involved in complicated quests, so reaching this milestone requires paying close attention to every detail. Players have to carefully search every nook and cranny, avoiding dangerous situations and using diplomacy to find and save these elusive characters.

As players explore the intricate world of Baldur’s Gate 3, each Tiefling they save is a victory over hardship. The achievement not only tests how persistent players are, but it also rewards them for exploring the video game world in depth and caring about the people who live there. In the end, getting the “No One Left Behind” achievement shows how dedicated the player is and how well they understand Baldur’s Gate 3’s complex story and gameplay. To get more information go their official website.

How to get Leave No One Behind achievement in Baldur’s Gate 3

Tol Bard’s Gate To get the Leave No One Behind achievement, all three players must save all the Tieflings who need help at some point in the game. The first important place to go in this step is Emerald Grove. However, you will still need to help some Tieflings in Acts 2 and 3. To get this achievement, you have to make sure that some people survive their fights, which can be hard to do.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to get Leave No One Behind achievement

Act 1

  1. Save Nadira, the Tiefling, who is located on the Emerald Grove’s eastern outer ramparts.
  2. When encountering Nadira, be prepared to confront a Bugbear assassin aiming to kill her.
  3. Utilize Persuasion, Intimidation, or Wisdom to intervene and prevent the assassin’s attack on Nadira.
  4. Ensure Arabella’s safety by preventing her from being harmed by Kagha’s snake; utilize your chosen skill (Persuasion, Intimidation, or Wisdom) to achieve this.
  5. Protect Mirkon from beach harpies as you make your way past Alfira’s singing spot towards the beach.
  6. Upon reaching Mirkon, cast Sanctuary on him to safeguard him from harm.
  7. Engage in dialogue with the Tieflings to dissuade them from executing the Goblin prisoner confined within the Emerald Grove jail.

Act 2

  1. Keep Tieflings alive during Marcus’ Last Light Inn attack.
  2. Stop Isobel’s kidnapping to save everyone.
  3. Mol will disappear after the assault, and other kids will ask you to find her.
  4. Take the challenge: Talk to Rolan at the bar about his missing siblings.
  5. Finish the quest Harpers at the bridge offer full shadow curse protection by freeing the pixie.
  6. Bring a hammer to Moonrise Towers jail.
  7. Go behind the cells after talking to the Tieflings and Gnomes in the cells and passing a Persuasion check when the guards confront you.
  8. Destroy the walls and follow them to the boat to return to Last Light Inn.
  9. Ask Lakrissa or Alfira in the Inn for a reward and credit for saving them.
  10. Talk to Rolan’s brother and sister at the bar to discover he searched for them alone.
  11. Save Rolan now. He fights two Shadows near a bridge southeast of the Tollhouse.
  12. Find Arabella in the House of Healing and save her.
  13. She’ll ask you to find her parents, but it’s too late. They don’t count towards the achievement, so you’re good.
  14. Complete Find the Nightsong quest and free her.
  15. Fight Ketheric and follow him to Illithid Colony.
  16. Find Zevlor and other pod prisoners, release them, and fight the enemies.

Act 3

  1. Achievement: You should already have the achievement by the time Act 3 starts.
  2. Tieflings: Some Tieflings will be thankful that they made it to Baldur’s Gate, while others will bow down to their masters and try to kill you.
  3. Self-defense: Don’t feel bad if you hurt them to protect yourself.

Understanding the Leave No One Behind Achievement

  • To get this achievement, you have to save as many Tiefling refugees as you can during the whole game. This means keeping them alive during battle, completing quests that have to do with them, and making important decisions that affect their futures.

Important Points:

  • Focus on Tieflings: You’ll meet many different characters, but for this achievement, you should pay the most attention to the health of Tieflings.
  • Multiple Acts: Pay attention in all three acts of the game because there are chances to save Tieflings in each one.
Baldur’s Gate 3: How to get Leave No One Behind achievement
  • Choices Are Important: The choices Tieflings make and the results of their quests can affect their ability to stay alive, so make smart choices.
  • No Room for Error: Sadly, killing even one Tiefling will not count towards the achievement.

Tips and Strategies for Completing Leave No One Behind Achievement

  • Pay close attention to the dialogue. There are many chances to save Tieflings hidden in the choices you make. Talk to all Tieflings and other people who mention them until you’re out of ideas.
  • Put the safety of Tieflings first: When you make decisions, think about how they might be affected. Don’t do anything that could put them in danger.
  • Use the skills of your party: Each person in the party has their own special skills that can help save Tieflings. Use their strengths in a smart way.
  • Save a lot: You should set up multiple save points so that you can start over if a Tiefling dies by accident.


What is the leave none behind achievement in Baldur’s Gate 3?

For the Baldur’s Gate 3 achievement “Leave No One Behind,” the player must save all the Tiefling Refugees as often as possible. If the requirements are met, this achievement will be given to you when you finish the game.

Is Alfira needed for Leave No One Behind?

You only need to protect her if you’re playing as the dark urge. You will kill Alfira while you are taking a long rest. What will happen to her if she shows up at your camp? You won’t be able to get this trophy until you load a save from before.

What happens if you don t save rolan BG3?

Of course, this works about as well as you’d expect, and Rolan is in terrible need of help to the south of the Last Light Inn. Rolan will die and be taken out of the story if you get too far in the game without saving him from the shadows that are after him. Get there as quickly as you can!

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