How to Get Longshot kills in MW3: Unlock Camo!

Conquer long distances in MW3. Learn proven tactics for longshot kills & unlock camos!

In MW3, Get Longshot kills to complete all of your expert camo goals. In order to get the Platinum camo for most guns, you need to kill someone from a certain distance away. Longshot kills are also needed to unlock the Holger 556, Sidewinder, Striker 9, and Renetti guns in MW3.

But the lengths are different for each type of weapon because they all have different ranges. For shotguns, the distance between you and your target needs to be the smallest. For snipers, it needs to be the longest. Here are the ranges for each type of weapon’s longshot kills. Discover more on the official website and don’t miss out!

Mastering Weapon Selection for Gongshot Kills

  • High Damage: Prioritize weapons with inherently high damage per shot, such as the Intervention or the Barrett .50cal. These rifles can eliminate enemies with a single headshot at most ranges, maximizing gong potential.
  • Effective Range: Consider the weapon’s effective range, ensuring it can reliably land gongs at the desired distances you typically engage at. Rifles like the Dragunov or the WA2000 offer a good balance between damage and effective range.
  • Quick Scoping: If you prefer an aggressive quick-scoping playstyle, prioritize weapons with better aim-down-sight (ADS) speed and mobility. The FJX Imperium and the M14 EBR excel in these areas, allowing for faster target acquisition and quicker follow-up shots.
  • Stability: For players who prefer a more deliberate, stationary sniping approach, stability is crucial. Rifles like the Barrett .50cal and the L96A1 offer increased stability, minimizing scope sway and improving long-range accuracy.

How to Get Longshot kills in MW3

Use the right loadout

Before you go for longshots, you should first make sure you have the right attachments and class things on. If you’re going to use a gun, make sure that the long-range optic and recoil control devices are on the gun’s loadout. The next thing you should do is use perks like Marksman Gloves, which make you better at longer ranges.

Play the right game mode

Since the guns aren’t very strong, Hardcore modes are, as you might guess, the best and simplest way to get longshots. In Hardcore games, you can usually kill an enemy with one shot, no matter how far away you are. Playing on Hardcore Terminal 24 hours a day, seven days a week was the best way for me to get longshots.

Terminal has a lot of long sight lines that you can use to your advantage and easily beat any long-shot camo quest. From the plane, I could see the library part of the map the best. From behind the library, I could sit on the figure and look out at the plane. You can also sit at the food court or the deep security desk and kill enemies from afar.

Donโ€™t move around too much

As was already said, the best way to get longshots is to stay put on the map and wait for enemies to come to you. While this type of play can get dull, it is the easiest way to get longshot kills in MW3. Choose one or two places where you can see enemy activity from a long way away.

How to Get Longshot kills in MW3

Then, wait there until the enemy forces you to leave. If you follow these three tips, I promise that you will easily get your long-range kills in MW3 Multiplayer game, as long as you can hit your targets with any weapon.

Utilizing Equipment and Perks to Enhance Longshot Potential

  • Stuns/Flashbangs: Disorienting enemies with stuns or flashbangs before engaging them with a sniper rifle significantly increases your chances of landing a successful headshot.
  • Smoke Grenades: Use smoke grenades to create cover for yourself or block enemy sightlines, allowing you to take safe and precise sniper shots.
  • Claymores/Frag Grenades: Placing these strategically around potential enemy locations can deter enemies from pushing your position, creating safer sniping opportunities.
  • Focus: This perk slows down your time perception while aiming down sights, allowing for more precise aiming and shot placement, crucial for gongs.
  • Dead Silence: This perk masks your footsteps, making it harder for enemies to detect your location, giving you an element of surprise for your sniper shots.
  • Blind Eye: This perk counters enemy recon abilities like UAVs and motion sensors, preventing them from revealing your position on the minimap, allowing you to operate freely as a sniper.

Advanced Tactics for Consistent Longshot Success

  • Quick Scoping: Get good at quick scoping, which means you quickly aim down sights, lock on to your target, and fire all in one smooth move. This is very important for killing enemies quickly, especially when fighting close up.
  • Prefiring: Try to guess where the enemy will move and aim your shots ahead of time at common head glitches, corners, or choke places. If you’re ready to fire as soon as an enemy appears, you’ll have the best chance of getting a gong.
  • Advanced Positioning: Don’t turn into a shooter that everyone knows. Always move after each shot so that you don’t give away your location and become a target. Use flanking routes and the height of the environment to your advantage for sneak strikes.
  • Suppressing Fire: Use LMGs or assault weapons to set up a line of fire with your teammates. This throws enemies off and traps them, making them easier to hit with your gongs.


What is a clean kill MW3?

To get a Clean Kill in MW3, you have to kill an enemy before they can attack you back and hurt you. While that may sound pretty hard in a world full of heat, there are ways to get Clean Kills without having to grind too much. See also: How to Get the HRM-9 SMG in MW3 and Warzone.

What is the easiest way to get SMG Longshots in MW3?

SMGs are usually used for fights that are less than 20 metres away, just like shotguns. Most of the time, you use guns like an assault rifle or even a sniper rifle to kill enemies farther away. Find a long, blind place on the map and stay there. This is the easiest way for SMGs to fight.

Is Makarov killed in MW3?

Fortunately, despite all the mistakes, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 does right by the villain Makarov in one way: it leaves him alive. Soap MacTavish was not as lucky as Makarov, as he dies at the villain’s hand in the campaign’s final mission, a moment that many fans are outraged by.

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