How to Get Lovander in Palworld: crafting champion

Seeking Lovander in Palworld? Explore peaceful methods for befriending this loyal pal!

In Palworld game, go to the northwest corner of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant teleport point at night to get Lovander, the Neutral Element Pal. This particular spot is right next to the northeastern desert region. Under the cover of darkness, seekers can find Lovander in the area northwest of the teleportation point. This guide shows you how to get Lovander in Palworld.

Lovander is a Neutral Element Pal with a balanced set of skills and traits that makes it a great addition to any Pal collection. Seeing that it is close to the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant suggests that it has something to do with the area’s environment or maybe even the animals that live there.

Pal trainers should get ready for the night trip by making sure they have all the supplies they need and enough Pal friends to deal with any problems that come up. Lovander can become a reliable friend in the huge world of Palworld if he works hard and doesn’t give up. For further information, please visit the Official link at Palworld.

How to get Lovander in Palworld

  1. Lovander, like many other Pals, only appears at night in desert biomes.
  2. Players can capture the spawn in the desert in the center-north of the map or in the similar biome to the extreme northeast near the Sand Dunes.
  3. In the center’s small desert, Lovander spawn alone or in pairs at level 20.
  4. The Northeast desert biome in the Sand Dunes has a similar spawn rate, but the mob usually levels out in the late 30s.
  5. A Giga Sphere is enough for the former, but a Hyper or Ultra Sphere is essential for the latter.
  6. Lovander’s Medicine Production and Handiwork skills make it a useful campmate.
  7. Its Partner Skill gives the player and Pal a life steal in battle.

Tips for Obtaining Lovander in Palworld

  • Going to the Twilight Dunes is a good way to meet Lovander at night. This is a central desert area.
  • Bring a Dark-type friend. Neutral-type Lovander is harder to catch when it’s surrounded by Dark elements. Pick a pal that is strong enough to weaken Lovander without having it defeat itself by accident.
How to get Lovander in Palworld
  • Use capture spheres. For a safe capture, Giga spheres or higher are suggested.
  • Watch out for Rampaging Fangirl raids. Lovander can appear as a reward during these events.
  • If it turns out to be hard to capture, you could try breeding a Lovander with another compatible Pal.

Strategies for Efficient Lovander Collection

  • Palworld has a lot of different biomes and secrets that you can find by exploring the world. Go on adventures, find new animals, and learn how they act in different ways.
  • Befriend and capture creatures: Instead of focusing on collecting Lovanders, try making friends with and capturing different animals. Make a safe place for them, take care of them, and find out what they need.
  • Battle creatures: Train the creatures you’ve captured and fight other players or the computer in strategic battles.
  • Do quests and challenges. Palworld has many quests and challenges that can test your video game knowledge and skills. When you finish them, you can get new rewards and explore new areas.

Exploring Lovander Distribution Mechanics

Important parts of Lovander Distribution:

  • Biomes: Palworld is split up into different biomes, and each one has its own animals and resources. To find certain animals, you need to know about the different biomes and the values that go with them.
  • Values Given by Lovander: Every creature and item in the game has a value given by Lovander. This value tells you how rare it is and what biomes you can find it in. Rarer animals or items can be found in certain biomes where the Lovander value is higher.
  • Lovander Scanner: The Lovander Scanner tool lets you look around and see what creatures and items are nearby, along with their Lovander values. This helps you find the exact animals you want to find.

Looking into the Lovander Distribution without pictures:

  • Pay attention to text descriptions: Use the descriptions of biomes, creatures, and items in the adventure game to learn about the Lovander values and locations that go with them.
  • Check out online resources: Find text-based guides or wikis that go into great detail about how Lovander Distribution works.
  • Join online communities: Talk about Lovander Distribution strategies and tips with other Palworld players in online communities or forums.


How many pals are there in Palworld?

There are actually 137 Pals in Palworld right now, but only 111 of them are completely unique. The other 26 Pals are different versions of existing Pals that have a different typing from their base form. This is similar to how regional variations work in the Pokemon games.

What is pals famous for?

The historic old town of Pals may be the city’s main attraction, but the food is also very good, with ingredients from both the sea and the mountains, and the area also grows rice.

How long has pals been around?

The first Pal’s opened in 1956 in Kingsport, Tennessee. This was a year after Fred “Pal” Barger, who started the chain, met Ray Kroc and Fred Turner at a National Restaurant Convention in Chicago and watched them build and equip the first McDonald’s.

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