How to Get Parrot Off Your Shoulder in Minecraft

Stuck with a chatty parrot clinging to your shoulder? Don't worry! This guide shows you how to remove parrots in Minecraft easily.

You can train a number of mobs in Minecraft game. There are wolves, cats, foxes, ocelots, axolotls, horses, donkeys, mules, llamas, and parrots. Parrots spawn in wild biomes and can make sounds like other mobs. If they hear a creeper noise and make that sound, it can be very scary. You can also train them to be your pet. In this article we will show you how to Get Parrot Off Your Shoulder in Minecraft.

But they will follow the Minecraft player around all the time and even sit on their shoulder, which can get annoying after a while. When tamed, the sitting parrot will stick to the player, making it hard to get rid of. How to do it.

Why Parrots Might Be a Problem on Your Shoulder

  • Noises that are bothersome: Parrots can imitate and repeat sounds around them, even sounds of angry mobs, which can be annoying or even scary.
  • View Blocked: The parrot’s body can get in the way of your view, especially when you’re shooting or looking up.
  • Getting Away by Accident: Parrots can fly off your shoulder if you fall or get wet.
  • Landing on Unwanted Places: You can usually walk through blocks with a parrot on your shoulder, but sometimes they might land on buttons or pressure plates and turn them on by accident.
How to Get Parrot Off Your Shoulder in Minecraft
  • Distraction during Combat: Their sounds and actions could distract you during fights, which could hurt your performance.
  • Multiplayer Annoyance: If you’re playing with other people, their constant actions and sounds could bother other players.

How to Get Parrot Off Your Shoulder in Minecraft

Jump or Fall

  1. Find a safe place: Do not stand on the edge of a cliff or anywhere else high where you could hurt yourself if you fell.
  2. Jump down: Jump from one or two blocks up. The parrot will fly away for a short time because of this.

Enter Water

  1. Find a body of water: It doesn’t have to be a lake, river, or even just one water block.
  2. Go into the water. As soon as you do, the bird will fly away on its own.
  3. Wait for it to come back to the surface. After a short time, the parrot will fly back up and land nearby.

Take Damage

  1. Careful, because this method includes getting hurt, so use it wisely and don’t hurt yourself too much.
  2. Do some small damage: Get hit by a rabbit or wolf or fall from a very high place. Just enough to lower your health bar by a few hearts.
  3. It’s the same as the other methods: the parrot will leave your shoulder for a short time after taking damage.

Advanced Strategies for Managing Parrots in Your Gameplay

  • Exploration Partners: Bring birds with you when you go on adventures. As you move, they will follow you around and be there for you. Make sure to protect them from dangerous mobs and the surroundings.
  • Placement of Perches: Place perches in your base or world in appropriate places. When they’re not doing anything, parrots will simply move to these perches, giving your space life and movement.
  • Parrot Farming: Start a business growing and raising parrots to make sure you always have enough of them. If you want to collect parrots of all different colours and types, this can be a fun and satisfying side project.
  • Interactions with Other Pets: Try seeing how parrots get along with other pets, like cats or dogs. Even though they might not always get along, watching how they engage can make your game more interesting.
  • The Parrot Training Centre is a place you should set aside to learn and play with your parrots. To teach them tricks or behaviours, use treats and positive feedback. This will make your Minecraft sandbox game even more realistic.


How do I get rid of a parrot on my shoulder?

After that, it might be hard to get them off again. That player needs to lower their height in order to get the parrot off of their back. You can jump down a few blocks, fly down with an Elytra, go underwater, and other things to do this.

Will parrots follow you in a boat in Minecraft?

If you have to swim or use a boat, the parrot goes into the water where you did and stays there, swimming there all the time.

What color are parrots in Minecraft?

There are actually five different colours of parrots: cyan, red, green, blue, and blue. Most of the time, parrots just flap their wings around where they nest. They’re curious and like to hang out with other mobs, human or not. When they do this, you can often hear them imitating the sounds of other animals nearby.

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