How To Get Petercopter Glider in Fortnite

Guide to claiming Peter Griffin's iconic helicopter glider in Fortnite

Have you ever heard that famous laugh ring through Quahog? Now picture it flying through the sky of Fortnite! Get Petercopter Glider in Fortnite, adding a funny Family Guy touch to your battle royale game. But how do you get this hilarious masterpiece?

Gryphon family fans, buckle up, because we’re about to get into the specifics of how to unlock the Petercopter. Forget those dull old gliders; get ready for a fall that’s both funny and stylish. Imagine having Peter Griffin’s famous grin stuck on a homemade helicopter that would carry you to battle while his laugh echoed through the air.

That’s something that will definitely make your opponents look twice (and maybe even laugh). Now, hold on, how do you get this famous glider?” There is some Griffinite creativity at work here. Want to be like Peter and fly through the sky with a smile? Allow us to begin!

What is the Petercopter Glider?

The Petercopter Glider in Fortnite is a funny and unique way to get off the Battle Bus. It was inspired by Peter Gryphon, a famous character from Family Guy. Picture Peter’s signature grin and flapping arms on a homemade helicopter made from a fan and a lawn chair. Peter’s laugh fills the air as you glide in, adding a bit of funny chaos to your appearance.

How To Get Petercopter Glider in Fortnite

  1. Complete the next set of Weekly Quests to unlock this Glider.
  2. Like with Negative Charge Oscar and other skins and things, you’ll need to finish as many Weekly Quests as you can to get this one-of-a-kind Glider.
  3. Additionally, you must have bought the Battle Pass because you will not be able to obtain these things without it.
  4. You’ll have to finish a number of quests over the course of three weeks before you can unlock the Petercopter.
  5. Although all of this week’s quests have been completed as of this writing, you will still have to wait until the next set of quests starts before you can use the Petercopter in Fortnite
  6. This is because it needs more unlocks than are presently available.
  7. In other words, you can now work towards it, but you can’t fully open it yet.
  8. You can have this new Glider, though, as long as you finish the tasks for two weeks.

Benefits of Using the Petercopter Glider

  • Unmatched Style: Be the envy of the island with this eye-catching glider. Peter’s goofy grin and flapping arms guarantee you’ll turn heads as you descend, injecting a dose of comedic chaos into every match.
  • More Than Meets the Eye: Don’t underestimate the Petercopter! Its unique shape allows for surprising maneuverability. Perform tight loops, daring dives, and unpredictable turns to leave your opponents bewildered and wondering how you pulled off such a move.
How To Get Petercopter Glider in Fortnite
  • Family Fun: Show your love for the Griffins! Pair the Petercopter with other Family Guy-themed cosmetics like the Stewie Griffin Outfit or Chicken Hat for a full-blown cosplay or a subtle homage. It’s a great way to connect with fellow fans and spark hilarious interactions.
  • Creative Playground: The Petercopter doesn’t stop at Battle Royale. Take it to Creative Mode and unlock a world of possibilities! Build elaborate landing zones, create fun obstacle courses for aerial challenges, or even organize epic Petercopter races with your friends.
  • Conversation Starter: Get ready to break the ice! The Petercopter is a guaranteed conversation starter, drawing attention from both fans and newcomers alike. It’s a perfect opportunity to bond with other players and create a more positive and interactive experience.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Petercopter Glider

Grab hold of the Gryphon Laugh:

The Petercopter doesn’t just float, it leaps through the air as Peter Griffin’s laugh echoes. Accept how silly things are! When you glide, use emotes like “Laugh It Up” or “Air Guitar” to make the funny effect stronger and confuse (and maybe even amuse) your opponents.

Mix with a Family Guy vibe:

Add to your Petercopter outfit by wearing other makeup with Family Guy themes. Wear the “Stewie Gryphon Outfit” to fully embody the Gryphon family as a cosplayer, or choose the “Chicken Hat” for a more understated tribute.

Tricks and moves:

The Petercopter isn’t just pretty to look at; it can also do some amazing tricks in the air. Its unique shape and physics let you do tight loops, daring dives, and sudden turns that will leave your opponents scratching their heads and asking how you did it.

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How do you get the Peter Griffin glider?

To get both, players will need to play games and complete tasks and earn experience. At level 70, you can get Peter Gryphon. The Glider is a prize for completing a quest. At the end of the movie, the Battle Pass screen is shown, which also shows that the main character of Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake, can be played as.

How do you get Peter Griffin in Fortnite?

Players in Fortnite have until the end of Season 1 Chapter 5 to get the Peter Gryphon skin. Epic’s beloved game has a new season that ends on March 8. To get this one-time decorative item, you have to pay $9.99 for the Fortnite Battle Pass and play the game until you reach Battle Pass level 70.

What episode is Peter 18?

Peter’s wish to go back in time for one night comes true. He chooses the year 1984, when he is 18 years old and cancels a date with Lois to hang out with a movie star.

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