How to Get Pieces of Eight in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones' Pieces of Eight await! Learn how to unlock and amass this valuable currency.

“Skull and Bones,” a pirate-themed game from Ubisoft, uses silver as its main currency so that players can get around in the dangerous Caribbean waters. Pieces of Eight, on the other hand, become a valuable alternative currency as adventurers rise through the ranks of fame. This guide shows you how to get Pieces of Eight in Skull and Bones.

These hard-to-find coins are full of legends and lore. Players can get them once they reach a certain level of fame. Silver is used for everyday purchases and transactions. Pieces of Eight, on the other hand, have special meaning and can be used to get rare goods, powerful ships, and special upgrades.

To get these valuable coins, you need to be sneaky, steal strategically, and form alliances while the high seas are chaos. Pieces of Eight becomes more appealing as players learn more about piracy and master the art of plunder and plunder. This makes players keep looking for riches and glory even though naval warfare is always dangerous.

How to get Pieces of Eight in Skull and Bones

  1. Players can earn rare Pieces of 8 by completing contracts for The Helm, a secret organisation.
  2. This storyline begins after players complete John Scurlock’s “Unsettling Grip” quest and earn enough Skull and Bones Infamy.
  3. At Sainte-Anne, they will receive a letter to speak to Yanita, the barman at Le Pont Muet.
  4. The Helm’s Black Market smuggling business is explained by Yanita.
  5. Their success in other pirate ventures earned them membership.
  6. The Helm traffics rum and opium.
  7. Players must collect Sugarcane and Poppy Seed to make Helm Wares.
  8. Yanita suggests they get a Supply Order from the Order Registry behind the bar.
  9. This starts the “Taking the Helm” Contract.
  10. Players must collect unique resources from a map location and bring them to the Helm.
  11. After completing “Taking the Helm,” a Supply Order will appear attached to “A Tight Ship,” rewarding 25 Pieces of 8.
  12. Helm Orders smuggling rules prohibit fast travel because players must deliver goods directly.
  13. Rogue NPCs attack players while moving items.
  14. Players will receive Pieces of 8 in their inventory if the supplies arrive.

Importance of Pieces of Eight in Skull and Bones

Rareness and Value:

  • Scarce: Pieces of Eight are much harder to get than Silver. You can only get them by doing difficult tasks and signing contracts with The Helm, a mysterious group.
How to get Pieces of Eight in Skull and Bones
  • High Value: Because they are so rare, they have a higher value, which means you can buy rare items that you can’t get with Silver.

Getting Potential Out:

  • Access to the Black Market: Pieces of Eight are the main currency used in the Black Market. They let you buy powerful weapons, unique ship upgrades, and rare cosmetic items that you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Getting Pieces of Eight unlocks the prestigious Kingpin rank, which gives you more strategic depth and power by letting you take part in world events and control over manufacturers.

Strategies for Efficiently Accumulating Pieces of Eight

How to unlock the Helm:

  • The key is Infamy. Do missions and contracts to get enough Infamy. Once you reach certain levels of Infamy, you can access the Helm and the Black Market, which are your entrance to Pieces of Eight.
  • To find out the secrets, complete John Scurlock’s “Unsettling Grip” quest and get an invitation to the Helm. The first step is to talk to Yanita at Le Pont Muet in Sainte-Anne.

Getting Eight Pieces:

  • Helm Orders: As a reward for these unique contracts, you can get Pieces of Eight. For The Helm, you should focus on sneaking things like rum and opium. Be careful, these deliveries are direct and often lead to attacks from the enemy.
  • Keep an eye on the Black Market for bounties that give you Pieces of Eight. Usually, these involve getting rid of high-value targets or meeting difficult goals.
  • World events: As your Infamy level rises, you’ll be able to see what’s going on in the world. If you do well in these, you might get Pieces of Eight or other useful prizes.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Pieces of Eight Acquisition

Sharpen your sword, ship and crew:

  • Upgrade wisely: Depending on how you like to play, put firepower, mobility, and armour at the top of your list. An all-around good ship is a wealthy ship.
  • Managers of a crew: A happy crew works hard. Make sure everyone is happy by giving them bonuses, grog, and wins. Invest in their skills so they can do specific jobs.

Look for treasure, not just trouble:

  • Plan your route: Look for trade routes that will make you money, secret coves, and important missions. It’s helpful to get information from taverns and friendly captains.
  • Prioritise stealing: naval battles can be fun, but to make the most money, you should go after merchant ships that are full of goods.

Change the rules, but don’t change the waves:

  • Managing your reputation means keeping a balance between a bad name and a good name. Trade favours with groups to get better deals and safe places to stay.
  • The thrill of the steal: Getting on enemy ships can be dangerous and fun at the same time. For a quick profit, go after weak ships with valuable cargo. To obtain additional details, please visit their official website.


What is the skull and crossbones fraternity?

Internationally, Phi Kappa Sigma (K¿) is a college secret society and secret society for men. Members are called “Phi Kaps,” “Skulls,” and sometimes “Skullhouse.” The “Skull” and “Skullhouse” names come from the skull and crossbones on the Fraternity’s badge and coat of arms. The founder of Phi Kappa Sigma was Dr.

What is the meaning of skull and bones?

A skull and crossbones is a message that looks like a human skull on top of two crossed bones. It means death or danger. It used to be on pirate ships’ flags, and now it can be seen on some containers that hold poisonous substances.

What does skull and crossbones 6 mean?

A white poison placard with a skull and crossbones graphic at the top and the words “hazard class No. 6” at the bottom shows that something is poisonous. Aerosols, ammonium fluoride, pesticides with mercury, and phenol are some of these.

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