How to Get Point Blank Kills Fast in MW3

Get up close & personal! Unlock camo mastery & dominate MW3 with point blank kill mastery.

The kill prompts in Modern Warfare 3 video game, which include assault kills and operator kills, are extremely difficult to accomplish. Players are required to put in a lot of effort and accomplish objectives that are practically impossible to achieve at the same time. Get Point Blank Kills Fast in MW3 is one example of this type of kill prompt, which has made its way back to Call of Duty after making an appearance in Modern Warfare 2.5.

As a result of the fact that players need to be in close proximity to their foes in order for their kills to score, obtaining the point Blank kills in MW3 is somewhat challenging. There are various strategies that players can use in order to successfully land Point Blank kills, despite the fact that they are a challenging and horrifying experience. IF you want to get more information, than you can visit official site

How to Get Point Blank Kills fast in MW3

  1. Point Blank kill: Ensure gun is very close to the enemy.
  2. Often, not close enough, even if it looks close.
  3. Point-blank must be very close to hitting an enemy player or zombie to count.
  4. Kills are only close up.
  5. MW3 Zombies mode: Point Blank camo missions.
  6. Use Sidewinder to try to get some out of the way.
  7. Thought I was getting a lot of close kills, but only got eight.
  8. Hardest thing: Using third person.
  9. Strongly advise: Stay in first person for correct distance judgment.
  10. For Point Blank kills, use hipfire or tac-stance build.
  11. ADS won’t help much.
  12. Each gun has at least five spots aiding hipfire or Tac-Stance aim.
  13. This will help and keep you calm when close.

Learning from Pro Players: Point Blank Kill Techniques

  • Become a Quickscope Ninja: Train your skills to be a Quickscope Ninja and be able to switch weapons and hit someone in the head very quickly. Learn how to flick-aim so that your crosshair hits your targets before they can blink.
  • Slide Like a Ghost: You can use clever slides to attack and defend. Close the gap without warning, avoid bullets, and throw off enemies by moving in strange ways.
  • Think up and out; don’t be a groundhog! Your opponent’s aim can be thrown off by jumps and crouching, giving you an unexpected edge. Learn how to take down people from the air!
How to Get Point Blank Kills Fast in MW3
  • Flashbang Fiesta: Throw them around curves and into rooms before you go in. An enemy who can’t see is easy to kill. Don’t forget that sound-masking bombs can help hide your moves.
  • Concussion Chaos: A well-placed concussion bomb can throw off groups of enemies in Concussion Chaos. Point-blank takesdowns are easy to do when there is confusion.
  • Claymore Cunning: Put claymores in doorways and choke places to make them harder to get through. Any close-quarters battle can be turned around by a sudden explosion from behind.

Advanced Tactics for Mastering Point Blank Kills

  • Accept the Slide: To close the gap quickly and unexpectedly, use tactical sliding. When combined with hip fire, it makes for a dangerous surprise attack close up.
  • Believe in heights: Don’t be scared to jump and crouch during a fight. You can get the upper hand if you move in a way that throws off your opponent’s aim.
  • Smart with a gun: Get good at using the shotgun at close range. To get deadly one-shot kills, learn how to use its range and hip-fire patterns.
  • Pistol Precision: Don’t forget how powerful handguns can be. For times when your main source of fire runs out, practise quick draws and hip-fire accuracy.
  • Secondary Perks: If you want to get better at close combat with certain guns, think about getting perks like Akimbo or Steady Hand.
  • Flashbang Frenzy: Throw a lot of flashbangs into rooms and around walls before going in. Enemies who are blind are easy targets.


What is the best shotgun for point-blank kills?

In MW2, shotguns are great for point-blank kills. Players prefer the Striker and Ranger, with the Striker being the most effective due to its high rate of fire and big magazine.

How do you get more kills in MW3?

Play for streaks, move across the map, and don’t stay put after kills to improve COD MW3 gameplay. Silencer, covert boots, and ghosts keep you off radar; practise head shots with bots in private, then turn on aim help in multiplayer to kill more.

How many hours does it take to finish MW3?

Completion Time? HowLongToBeat says Modern Warfare 3’s primary plot lasts five hours. You must be focused on the tale or very good to beat it in that time. If you do some achievements, it will take seven hours.

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