How to Get Rainbow Crystals in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Hunt down dazzling Rainbow Crystals in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth! This guide reveals the best methods, from dungeon dives to RoboMichio's deals.

Getting Rainbow Crystals is an important part of playing Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth game because it gives players a unique way to get a lot of resources and improve their in-game experience. These hard to find crystals, which are filled with many bright colors, are a powerful currency in the virtual world that lets the main character and their party get special upgrades and rare items. In this guide we showed how to get Rainbow Crystals in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

So that they can get these coveted Rainbow Crystals, players must carefully move through the game’s many environments, completing difficult quests, beating tough enemies, and finding hidden treasures. Players embark on an exciting adventure through the game’s detailed landscapes and rich story.

This adventure tests their tactical skills and rewards their persistence with the coveted Rainbow Crystals. At some point in the story, the crystals stop being just a commodity. They become a symbol of the end of the player’s journey, proof of how well they’ve mastered the game world’s many layers, and a key to the endless wealth that awaits the brave adventurers. If you want more information go to the official website of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How to get Rainbow Crystals in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

  1. Grind long enough in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.
  2. Enemies will sometimes drop one or two Rainbow Crystals.
  3. This is true for almost all rare items.
  4. It’s one thing to grind for keys or money, but it’s unbearable when you don’t know how likely it is that a material will drop.
  5. Go to RoboMichio instead and look at what he wears.
  6. He will give you Rainbow Crystals for 250 Robo Discs each.
  7. This is a good deal considering how long it will take to get that many in the dungeon.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Rainbow Crystal Farming

The early game:

  • When you fight enemies, you should focus on getting rid of ones that drop Rainbow Crystals, like the Gold Slimes in Yokohama. They will spawn more often if you have the “Treasure Hunter” skill and items that make you rich, like the “Money Pouch.”
How to get Rainbow Crystals in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
  • Mini-Games: Play the “Cabaret Club” and “Dragon Kart” mini-games to get Rainbow Crystals as prizes.

In the middle of the game:

  • Battles in the Arena: Once you’ve unlocked the Arena, fight in battles to get high ranks. The prizes are Rainbow Crystals. Put on gear that makes your attack and defence stronger to do better.
  • Challenge Dungeons: If you want to farm crystals, go through the “Rainbow Crystal Mine” dungeon. Each time you try, it gets harder, but the rewards are worth it.

In the late game:

  • Unique Skills: Getting and using strong Unique Skills like “Essence of the Dragon” can help you kill enemies even faster. For effective crystal collection, focus on attacks that do damage across an area.
  • As soon as you finish a game, you can use your saved progress and gear in a New Game Plus playthrough. Because your stats and gear have improved, this makes farming a lot easier.

Best Locations to Farm Rainbow Crystals

Methods You Can Trust:

  • Bathroom at the Revolve Bar: Go to the first-floor Revolve Bar. Go into the bathroom near the stairs that lead to Ichiban’s pad and talk to the toilet. You can get the “Treasure Hunter” trophy and a Rainbow Crystal from this hidden gem.
  • RobotMichio Exchange: Rainbow Crystals cost 250 Robo Discs each and can be bought in RobotMichio’s shop. It’s not the fastest way to do it, but it works if you’re swimming in Discs.

Methods of Grinding:

  • Drops from Enemies: The rate at which enemies drop Rainbow Crystals is very low, but sometimes they do. Some tough enemies in this group are the Yokohama Underground King and Shadow Broker Amasawa. Get ready for a long grind.
  • Fishing: It’s not always possible, but fishing in certain places can bring you rare items like Rainbow Crystals. The Fishing Hole in Hamakotoshi Park is one of these places, though luck is a big part of it.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Rainbow Crystal Farming

Not Understanding How It Works:

  • Forgetting the prerequisite quest: Before you try to farm crystals, make sure you finish the “Rainbow Crystal Craze” subquest from Omi Alliance HQ.
  • Going after the wrong enemies: In the Sotenbori Battle Arena, Rainbow Crystals can only be found on certain enemies, like Gold Troopers and Gamblers. To be sure, look at the Arena’s list of enemies.

Strategies for farming that don’t work:

  • Not using Ichiban’s “Dragon Ball Rush” attack: This powerful move can kill a lot of enemies at once, even ones that might drop crystals.
  • Not taking into account Kiryu’s “Essence of Greed” extortion: Kiryu can demand rare items like Rainbow Crystals from enemies. Use it a lot!

Faux pas in resource management:

  • When you run out of healing items, it can be hard to fight in Sotenbori Arena. Keep your party in the fight by stocking up on items that heal and revive them.
  • Running out of CP (Concentration Points): Skills like “Essence of Greed” and “Dragon Ball Rush” use up CP. Smartly control how much CP you use so you don’t run out at crucial times.


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