Palworld: How To Get Relaxaurus Lux

Guide to capturing & breeding the rare Relaxaurus Lux in Palworld. Locations, tips, & more!

This article shows you how To Get Relaxaurus Lux in Palworld game, players are told to look for Relaxaurus Lux early on in their adventures because it is so interesting. This creature is a mix of Electric and Dragon. This companion that can be mounted can be found in the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon.

Getting it will require careful planning, patience, and hard work over time. If players want to start looking for Relaxaurus Lux, they must first make their way through the dangerous land of the Thunder Dragon. Along the way, they have to deal with tough problems and get past obstacles.

But before they can show that they deserve to tame such a beautiful animal, they need to get better at fighting and learn how to use the power of elemental abilities to beat their opponents. If players carefully plan and persist, they can form a bond with Relaxaurus Lux. This will let them fully utilise its abilities as a loyal companion and powerful ally as they explore the vast and magical realms of Palworld.

Palworld: How To Get Relaxaurus Lux

The Alpha Relaxaurus Lux was caught.

  1. Find a dungeon close to the fast travel point for the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon.
  2. Locate an Alpha Relaxaurus Lux within the dungeon.
  3. Prepare your team of Pals, ensuring they are adequately strong for the encounter.
  4. Equip your team with the best gear available.
  5. Consider including one or two Ground Pals in your team to assist in battling the Relaxaurus Lux.
  6. Engage and defeat the Alpha Relaxaurus Lux to capture it. To get more information go to their official website.

To Breed Relaxaurus Lux and Get It

  • Giving certain friends to a Breeding Farm is the second way to get Relaxaurus Lux. At the moment, Relaxaurus Lux can only have two sets of parents, which makes it easy to keep track of them all. Among these pairs are:
    • The Relaxaurus Lux and the Relaxaurus Lux
    • Sparkit and Relaxaurus

Understanding Relaxaurus Lux in Palworld

  • Relaxaurus Lux is a rare and powerful Pal species in Palworld. It is known for being calm and having electrical powers. It is the evolved form of Relaxaurus, with better stats and a different look.
  • Visually, Relaxaurus Lux looks like a big cat-like animal with blue and white markings. Its fur is fluffy, its horns glow, and its tail sparks with electricity. Relaxaurus Lux looks more royal and majestic than its base form.
Palworld: How To Get Relaxaurus Lux
  • Relaxaurus Lux lives in the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon. It can be found there day or night. Getting to this place is hard and requires beating up strong enemies.

Importance of Relaxaurus Lux in Palworld Gameplay

Mount and Getting Around:

  • Fast and agile: The Relaxaurus Lux is a great mount for getting around on a variety of terrains because it can move quickly and turn quickly. This is very important for exploring, gathering resources, and getting away from dangerous situations.
  • Endurance and Stamina: It has amazing endurance, so you can go on long trips without stopping often. This helps on long trips like expeditions and trips to gather resources.

Making electricity:

  • Portable Power Source: Relaxaurus Lux has the unique ability to make electricity. Because of this, it is very useful for powering your base, crafting stations, and other electrical gear, especially in remote areas that don’t have a fixed power grid.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Because it can make its own power, you don’t have to rely on outside sources as much, which makes your Palworld adventure game experience more self-sufficient and independent.

Tips and Strategies for Obtaining Relaxaurus Lux

Having babies:

  • Get the adults together; you’ll need a Luxupine and a Relaxaurus. The Verdant Valley and Sunken City areas are home to Relaxaurus. The Blightmoor and Sandsea areas are home to Luxupines.
  • Check the facts: Make sure both parents are fertile and have good qualities. To improve your chances of getting pregnant, you might want to use Love Potions or Fertility Boosters.

Other Approaches:

  • Trading: Look at online groups or forums that are just for trading on Palworld. People who play may have extra Relaxaurus Lux that they’re willing to give away.
  • Auction House: Check the game’s Auction House often for Lux posts. You will have to bid against other people because these animals are very popular.


Where to find relaxaurus Palworld?

The Relaxaurus can be found between the Ascetic Falls and the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon Dungeon. It should be noted that the Relaxaurus can also be found surrounding these areas either alone or in packs.

How many pals are there in Palworld?

You can’t find all 138 of Palworld’s Pals in the wild, though. A few of them, like the Elphidran Aqua and the Ice Reptyro, can only be found by breeding them on Palworld. There are 138 Pals in the Palworld Paldeck. Here is a list of them, along with their elements, skills, and other useful information.

What is the strongest pal?

It’s no secret that Jetragon is one of the strongest Pals in the game. It’s the fastest mount in Palworld and can only be caught when you reach Level 50. Its Dragon-type attacks are the strongest.

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