How to Get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go

Unleash the power of Remote Raid Passes! Learn how to get them and join epic Pokémon Go raids without leaving your couch.

In Pokémon GO, Get Remote Raid Passes, but raids stand out as exciting and dynamic events that bring players together to find rare and strong Pokémon. Raid Passes, which are necessary things that let you enter these exciting fights, are at the heart of this experience. The process of getting Raid Passes is easy, and you can usually do it in more than one way.

Sometimes, players can get more passes as rewards for doing research tasks or achieving certain goals. Additionally, players can buy Premium Raid Passes from the in-game shop, which allow them to join more raids than the daily limit.

Once you have a Raid Pass, all you have to do to use it is find a nearby raid on the map and tap the “Join” button. This uses up one pass and lets you into the event. Raid Passes let you play with other people, which is another way that Pokémon GO video game continues to build community and friendship among its loyal players.

What are Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon GO?

Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon GO mobile game let players join Raid Battles even when they are not nearby. Trainers can join raids at Gyms they can’t physically get to with these passes. This makes it easier to play the game’s joint raid content.

Remote Raid Passes let players work together with friends or trainers from around the world to defeat tough Raid Bosses and get prizes like rare Pokémon and items. This feature encourages players to talk to each other and work together, no matter where they are located, which makes the raiding experience easier to access and more fun.

How to Get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go

  1. The fastest way to get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go in February 2024 is via the in-game shop.
  2. One Remote Raid Pass costs 195 PokeCoins, while a bundle of three Remote Raid Passes can be purchased by spending 525 PokeCoins.
  3. Getting the bundle allows players to spend 175 PokeCoins per Remote Raid Pass.
  4. Some players also found a Remote Raid Box in the in-game shop recently.
  5. It included three Premium Raid passes and two Remote Raid passes at 425 PokeCoins.
  6. This means trainers could get Remote Raid Passes for less than 100 PokeCoins each.
  7. However, it seems like the offer was very limited, and most players can’t see it in their games anymore.
  8. We’ll keep an eye out for similar offers.
  9. The only way to get PokeCoins in Pokemon Go without spending money is by leaving Pokemon in Gyms.
  10. They’ll need to stay and defend the Gym for eight and a half hours to get 50 PokeCoins, which is the daily limit players can get with this method.

Benefits of Using Remote Raid Passes


  • Raiding from Anywhere: This is your biggest benefit; it lets you join Raids from anywhere. To join a Raid, you don’t have to be near a Gym or be stuck at home. You can join from anywhere in the world.
  • More Players: Remote Raids bring in more players, which makes it more likely that you’ll be able to find enough people to complete high-level raids.
  • Weather Avoidance: Play Raids from home to get out of bad weather or stay inside at night without going outside.

Strategic Gameplay:

  • Target Specific Pokemon: Search for specific Raid Bosses you need or want, instead of relying on nearby Gym offerings.
  • Multiple Attempts: Remote Raiding allows you to try catching the Raid Boss multiple times without needing to travel back and forth, increasing your chances of success.
How to Get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go
  • Team Flexibility: Coordinate with friends or online communities to build strong teams for challenging Raids, regardless of their location.

Tips for Maximizing the Use of Remote Raid Passes

  • Target High-Value Raids: Use your passes on Tier 5 raids for Legendaries, Mega Raids, and Ultra Beasts first, since these Pokemon are usually rare and very strong.
  • Check Raid area Size: Look for raids where there are already two or three people in the area. By joining these kinds of lobbies, you can improve your chances of success without wasting a pass on a solo try.
  • Use Friend Invites: If you have online friends who are interested in the same raid, ask them to join your lobby to make your team stronger.
  • Prioritise Weather Boosts: Look for raids that can benefit from the weather at the moment, as your Pokemon will do more damage.
  • Keep an eye on the daily raid limit. Remember that you can only join up to five remote raids per day, so plan how you use your passes.
  • Think About Free Passes: Before you use a Remote Raid Pass, see if you have any free Daily Raid Passes.
  • Join More Than One Lobby: If you have enough passes, you might want to join more than one lobby for the same raid to improve your chances of getting the Pokemon you want.


Where can I get remote raid pass in Pokemon Go?

In February 2024, the best way to get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go is through the game’s shop. You can buy a package of three Remote Raid Passes for 525 PokeCoins, which is less than the price of one pair of passes. When players buy the package, they can spend 175 PokeCoins on each Remote Raid Pass.

How do I get a mew in Pokemon Go?

Players must finish the Special Research “A Mythical Discovery” in order to catch Mew. A Special Research is a quest told in the style of a story by Professor Willow. To finish the research, you usually have to do more than one thing.

How do you get a raid farm?

In a town with a spawn point for raiders, farms can be built. Pillager outpost, farms can be built. In Bedrock Edition, these mobs drop special things during raids, such as emeralds, enchanted books, iron tools, and iron armour (half of which is enchanted). A raid farm can also give you these items.

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