How to Get Rose Bouquet in Persona 3 Reload

Want to woo Yukari or impress Elizabeth? Learn how to acquire the elusive Rose Bouquet in Persona 3 Reload!

As a special gift item in Persona 3 Reload, Get Rose Bouquet is important. This item can be bought at the Rafflesia shop in Port Island Station; talk to the Flower Shop Lady to get it for 2000 Yen. This beautiful bouquet is a big part of making Elizabeth’s wish 18 come true, in which she asks to be given a bunch of flowers.

To save money, players can also get the Rose Bouquet and two Luxury Chocolates from the Tanaka Amazing Commodities show on 5/3 by turning on the TV first thing in the morning. Not only does fulfilling Elizabeth’s wish make players feel good, but it also gives them the Female Winter Garb for Yukari, which makes giving this beautiful bouquet even more useful.

In addition to what Elizabeth asked for, the Rose Bouquet can be used in many other ways to improve relationships with Social Link friends. Some characters, like Yukari and Mitsuru, really like flowers, so the Rose Bouquet is a nice gift to give them when you meet them. But players should think about whether or not to buy more bouquets because they are mostly useful for specific requests and social interactions, which lets players handle their in-game resources more efficiently.

How to Get Rose Bouquet in Persona 3 Reload

There is a shop called Rafflesia where you can find the Rose Bouquet. Now, if you’re like me, you might be really lost right now since you’ve never seen this store before. And that’s because the store is near Port Island Station. A place you haven’t had many reasons to go to yet in the video game.

Rafflesia is right next to where you’ll load in, down the stairs. After that, just turn left, and the flower shop will be in the corner. There is also a flower icon on the minimap. In Persona 3 Reload, Rafflesia will be here, and the Rose Bouquet will cost 2,000 Yen. That’s a pretty high price to pay to give Elizabeth another strange request.

Importance and Benefits of Rose Bouquets

  • Social Links: Each character that is connected to a certain social link has a rose colour that shows what kind of person they are and what their story is about. Giving them roses makes your Social Links stronger, which lets you get new skills, Personas, and story parts.
  • Expressing Feelings: Roses are a way for your main character to show how they feel about other characters, which can lead to stronger connections and even romantic relationships.
How to Get Rose Bouquet in Persona 3 Reload
  • Death and Remembering: Roses are often used to honour the dead at wakes and as a way to remember those who have died. This adds to the role-playing game’s themes of death and loss.
  • Special Fusions: Some Persona fusions need certain rose colours, which makes making a team even more strategic and resource-intensive.
  • Store deals: Giving roses to shop owners will get you deals on their goods, which can help you get useful things like food and gear.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Rose Bouquet Usage

  • Change the Water Often: Every two to three days, change the water and cut the stems just a bit to keep them fresh and wet.
  • Stay away from direct sunlight and heat: To keep the flower from wilting, put it somewhere cool and shady, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Spray the Petals: Spray the rose petals lightly with water to keep them moist and stop them from drying out.
  • If roses start to droop, cut the stems again beneath and put the plants in warm water for a few hours. This will bring them back to life.
  • Display Creatively: Use your imagination when you display your bunch by putting roses in different vases or combining them with other flowers or leaves.
  • Keep Dried Roses: When the roses begin to wilt, you might want to dry them to make decorations or perfume that will last for a long time.


Which character prefers which rose color?

Each character’s attitude and Social Link are linked to a different colour of rose. Giving them their favourite colour makes your bond stronger and lets you get prizes faster.

Is there a guide with detailed information on rose bouquets?

Yes, there are a lot of online guides and resources that go into great depth about rose bouquets in Persona 3 Reload. They list ways to get items, what characters like, and other important information.

Are there any other ways to use rose bouquets?

Yes! As fusion material, some Persona fusions need certain colours of roses. Giving shop owners roses also lets you get deals on their goods.

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