How to Get Rotten Inferno Camo in Modern Warfare 3

Master Modern Warfare 3 & claim the Rotten Inferno camo. Guide inside!

One of the most important colour packs you can get in Modern Warfare 3 Get Rotten Inferno Camo one. This animation camo has a fiery and zombie-like look that fits with the zombie-themed season that Call of Duty is going for. It will be added to both games during the Season 2 update on February 7, 2024.

Each season has a cosmetic item that can be unlocked by players who do the Weekly tasks. The Rotten Inferno animated camo is the ultimate treat for people who love to play a lot of games to get free stuff. Feel free to follow these steps to get it in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3. For further information, please visit the official website.

How to Get Rotten Inferno Camo in Modern Warfare 3

  1. Complete Weekly Challenges: Tackle all eight Weekly Challenges during Season 2.
  2. Challenge Variety: Choose challenges from Multiplayer, Warzone, or Zombies. The type of challenge doesn’t matter.
  3. Task Completion: Finish a Weekly Challenge by completing at least five tasks listed for the week.
  4. Consistency: Maintain this effort for all eight weeks of Season 2.
  5. Unlock Reward: Unlock the Rotten Inferno camo at the end of the season by completing all challenges.
  6. Additional Rewards: Earn Aftermarket parts or new base weapons for every week completed.
  7. Week 1 Bonus: In Week 1 of Season 2, unlock the JAK Tyrant 762 kit as a preview of challenges. It’s a conversion kit for the Longbow sniper rifle in MW3.

Tips and Strategies for Completing Rotten Inferno Camo Challenges

  • Keep up with: Follow Activision’s official channels or reputable gaming groups to find out about new weekly challenges and any changes or delays that might happen.
  • Plan your strategy: Learn about the video game modes and weapon types that will be used in each week’s tasks before they come out. This helps you make plans for your loadouts and tactics ahead of time.
How to Get Rotten Inferno Camo in Modern Warfare 3
  • Set priorities: If you don’t have much time, do the tasks that you think will take the least time first. This will help you make the most progress, even if you can’t finish all of the tasks every week.
  • Use the resources: There are a lot of online tools that have detailed walkthroughs and guides for solving certain problems. These can help you reach your goals more quickly by giving you useful tips and plans.

Best Loadouts and Game Modes for Completing Camo Challenges

  • The M4A1 is a well-rounded assault gun that can hit hard and hit accurately. You can have a lot of different weapons by using the Red Dot Sight, FMJ, Grenade Launcher, and Lightweight.
  • ACR: Strong assault gun with a lot of recoil. For tough close-quarters battles, use Reflex Sight, Rapid Fire, Silencer, and Stopping Power.
  • The AA-12 is a fully automatic firearm that can fire a lot of shots at once. For a rough game, use FMJ, Quickdraw Handle, Scavenger, and Marathon.
  • SPAS-12 is a pump-action shotgun that does a lot of damage with each shot. To play more strategically, use the Reflex Sight, Extended Mags, Stalker, and Stopping Power.
  • M249: A powerful LMG that can fire for a long time. Cover your targets and slow down enemies with the Red Dot Sight, FMJ, Fore Grip, and Lightweight.
  • RPD: A lighter LMG that fires at a good rate and with good accuracy. To make your LMG easier to move around, use ACOG Scope, Rapid Fire, Grip, and Dead Silence.


How do you unlock bioluminescent in MW3?

To get the Bioluminescent skin for guns in MW3, players must first get the Arachnida Camo for 51 weapons in MW2. To get the Arachnida skin, players must finish a series of tasks, such as: Get all 51 MW2 weapons with Zombies Base Camo. To finish the Golden Ivory Camo challenges, you must use the same guns.

How do you get camos in MW3?

To be able to do the base Camo Challenges for a certain weapon, you need to get that weapon to the level shown in the Challenge criteria. To level up your guns, all you have to do is get kills and assists with them and do certain things in the game while using them.

How do you unlock gold camo for all guns?

In Warzone 2, you have to finish the four basic camo tasks with any weapon in order to get the gold camo. After this, you can start the gold camo task, which is to get two or three kills in ten lives. You will be able to get the gold camo for your gun after you finish this task.

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