Genshin Impact: How to Get Sapwood Blade Sword

Unlock the Sapwood Blade for free! This guide shows how to obtain the blueprint and craft this 4-star weapon.

Bloom and Catalyze are two new Dendro element effects that were added in the most recent update for Genshin Impact, version 3.0. These changes have changed the way players fight, giving them new ways to deal with enemies, especially the infamous hilichurls. In this guide we showed how to get Sapwood Blade Sword in Genshin Impact.

The Sapwood Blade Sword is a famous and sought-after tool that many players want to get in order to improve their fighting skills. In order to get the Sapwood Blade Sword, adventurers must go on a quest that takes them through Teyvat’s many landscapes. Along the way, they must fight in exciting battles and solve riddles.

The Sapwood Blade Sword’s beautiful look and powerful powers show how the game’s content is always changing and how dedicated its players are. As players continue to explore Genshin Impact’s huge world, getting famous weapons adds more depth and excitement to their journey, making sure that the thrill of adventure never wears off. If you want to get more details., than you can visit official website.

How to get Sapwood Blade Sword in Genshin Impact

  1. Finish Sumeru’s main story.
  2. Talk to Aravinay at the Tree of Dreams.
  3. Complete some jobs to trigger Aravinay’s task.
  4. Receive the task from Aravinay.
  5. Obtain the quest “Stories of You and the Aranara” as the prize.
  6. Trade a Story for the “Tales of the Desert” style with Aravinay.
  7. Gather a Blacksmith Sword Billet, 50 Crystal Chunks, and 10 White Iron Chunks.
  8. Take the gathered items and the plan to a blacksmith.
  9. Request the blacksmith to craft the weapon.

Understanding Sword Crafting in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, making your own swords is a good option to getting them from the wish system (gacha pulls). Here is a list of the most important things:

Swords that can be made:

  • Amenoma Kageuchi: This Inazuma sword is great for characters who depend on their Elemental Bursts because it recharges energy quickly. To get its design, you have to finish the “Farmer’s Treasure” world quest.
  • For characters like Kaeya and Jean who like to use normal moves, this Mondstadt sword is a great choice because it does a lot of physical damage. Its model can be found in the “Knights of Favonius Reputation Shop.”
Genshin Impact: How to get Sapwood Blade Sword
  • When you beat an enemy, this Dragonspine sword does more damage with Normal and Charged Attacks and recharges your energy faster. It works great for characters like Chongyun who need both energy recharge and attack boosts. You can find the model for it by exploring Dragonspine.

Tips for Efficiently Obtaining Sapwood Blade Sword

Complete the Aranyaka Questline:

  • This is the primary method to unlock the ability to forge the Sapwood Blade.
  • The questline involves multiple parts, including “The World of Aranara,” “Dream Nursery,” and others.
  • You can find guides and walkthroughs online to help you navigate the questline efficiently.

Gather Crafting Materials:

  • Once you have unlocked the ability to forge the Sapwood Blade, you will need specific materials:
    • Northland Ore x 50: This material can be found by mining in various locations throughout Teyvat, including Dragonspine and Stormbearer Mountains.
    • Stardust Rose x 30: This material can be obtained by exchanging Masterless Starglitter at Paimon’s Bargains.
    • Magical Crystal Chunk x 50: This material can be found by defeating Electro Regisvines and Electro Hypostases, or by purchasing them from the Souvenir Shop in Liyue Harbor.

Craft the Sapwood Blade:

  • Once you have all the necessary materials, head to a blacksmith.
  • You can find blacksmiths in Mondstadt (Wagner), Liyue Harbor (Master Zhang), and Inazuma City (Amenoma smithy).
  • Select the “Forging” option and then choose “Sumeru” weapons.
  • Locate “The Tale of the Desert” and learn it, unlocking the ability to craft the Sapwood Blade.

Community Strategies and Insights

Joining the community:

  • On social media sites like Twitter, Discord, and Facebook, miHoYo interacts with players, encouraging open dialogue and responding to comments.
  • Collaboration with Influencers: Working with well-known content creators raises knowledge of your brand and gets people excited about new events and updates.
  • Content Made by Fans: The community makes a lot of art, lore ideas, and how-to guides for playing the game, showing how passionate and creative they are.

Changes in the Community:

  • Playing Together: The game’s co-op mode pushes players to work together, which builds friendships and teamwork.
  • Sharing Experiences: Players talk about tactics, character builds, and their in-video game experiences, which brings them together and helps them learn from each other.
  • Audience around the world: The community caters to a wide range of players by promoting cultural localization, which encourages engagement and understanding between different cultures.


Is Sapwood Blade craftable?

It has changed into the shape of a blade that can kill forest enemies. Sapwood Blade is a 4-Star Sword that can be made.

Is Sapwood Blade good for Haitham?

As soon as a Dendro response happens, the person who has the Sapwood Blade gains 60 points in Elemental Mastery for 12 seconds. The Sapwood Blade is one of Alhaitham’s best substitute weapons because it boosts stats in a more unique way and pays special attention to Dendro.

Is Sapwood Blade better than Prototype Rancour?

You could also just try to get Sapwood Blade instead of those two for Bennett. The base attack is the same as the prototype rancour’s, but the ER% substat is more useful than the physical damage bonus.

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