How to Get the Second Sea in Blox Fruits (11 steps)

Master the challenges & secrets of Blox Fruits' Second Sea.

In Blox Fruits’ huge world, the Second Sea is a key spot that players who have made it through the tough parts of the Military Detective’s quest will reach a major milestone. This middle sea was added in Update 8, and it’s more than just a place to spawn. In this article we will talk about how to get the Second Sea in Blox Fruits.

It’s also a way to get to more adventures and challenges. As players begin their trip in the Second Sea, they will encounter a wide range of landscapes, challenges, and chances to improve their maritime skills. The Second Sea is full of exciting places to explore and find new things.

There are dangerous seas and mysterious islands that are full of secrets. With this addition, Blox Fruits also grows and changes, giving players a deeper and more immersive gaming experience with new tasks, enemies, and rewards just waiting to be found. As a result, the Second Sea not only shows progress, but also how the game’s world is always growing and full of exciting tales waiting for those who are brave enough to go exploring.

How to get the Second Sea in Blox Fruits

  1. Reach Level 700 to access the Second Sea.
  2. Grind fights, islands, and quests to level up.
  3. Acquire Elemental Blox Fruits such as Light, Magma, Fire, and Ice to speed up leveling.
  4. Increase your Blox Fruit stat to make use of Elemental Fruits’ effects.
  5. Journey to the Second Sea begins by talking to the Military Detective in prison.
  6. Locate the Military Detective near the prison’s entrance and quest givers.
  7. Follow the Military Detective’s instructions to head to the Frozen Village.
  8. Search the Frozen Village for a wooden door.
  9. Obtain a door key from the Military Detective.
  10. Prepare to confront the Ice Admiral inside the wooden door.
  11. Engage in battle with the tough Ice Admiral, utilizing your accumulated experience to defeat them.

Understanding Seas in Blox Fruits

Getting better:

  • Multiple Seas: The game world is split up into several seas, each getting harder than the last. They’ll be unlocked as you hit certain game goals.
How to get the Second Sea in Blox Fruits
  • There are different levels of danger in each sea, and the levels rise as you sail farther away from islands. The threats you’ll face will be harder or easier depending on the level. For more information go their official website.

Things to do and people you meet:

  • Using ships to get around the seas, you’ll find new places to explore, fight enemies, and complete tasks.
  • Sea Events: These are unique experiences that can happen at any time while sailing. In them, you might have to fight scary sea monsters, take part in ship raids, or gather supplies.
  • Beasts of the sea: These are strong enemies that appear in the most dangerous parts of each sea. They drop valuable items like pieces and accessories when you defeat them.

Tips for Efficient Progression in Blox Fruits Second Sea

Fruit and the Way You Fight:

  • Buddha Fruit: This is highly suggested because it lasts a long time and grinds quickly, especially when you’re by yourself. If you don’t have Buddha, think about fruits like Light or Quake that do good damage in a wide area.
  • Supernatural Fighting Style: This style can be used in both PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player)fights. You might want to evolve it to God Human later on for extra rewards.

Skills and stats:

  • Focus on Fighting Style or Sword Mastery instead of Mastery. Mastery doesn’t help Buddha’s “Transform” ability, so pay attention to other things.
  • Putting money into Defence and Stamina will help you stay alive during grinding and boss fights.

Strategies for Success in Blox Fruits Second Sea

Get better gear and level up:

  • Levelling should be your top priority. Focus on grinding efficiently to hit at least level 1500 before going deeper into the Second Sea. This lets you get to important places and NPCs.
  • Invest in strong swords, fighting styles, and items that go with the way you play and the fruit you’re growing. Different sets, like the Dark Blade or Buddha’s Trident, can help you in different ways.

Getting Good at Fruit:

  • “Awaken” your fruit: This lets your Devil Fruit do what it was meant to do, giving you powerful new moves and stat boosts. Get up as soon as you can as a priority.
  • Try things out and practise: Learn your awakened moves by learning combos and figuring out when they work best and when they don’t in different situations.

Looking around and getting content:

  • Explore new islands. Each island has its own rewards, enemies, and obstacles. Find out about hidden things and finish quests to get to powerful items and NPCs.
  • Unlock new races: The Second Sea adds the Ghoul and the Cyborg, two new races that each have their own V3 powers. Do the quests to get the items you need for the way you like to play.


What fruit is recommended for second sea?

The Light Fruit is often thought to be one of the best fruits for grinding because it is an elemental that can use area-of-effect attacks, does good damage, has low skill requirements, a powerful M1, and the fastest flying speed in the game. It is best to grind with the Light Fruit in the First and Second Sea regions.

Is light good for 3rd sea?

It is a great choice for PvP (V2) due to its good stuns, decent range, and high damage. It is not great for grinding in the Second Sea and Third Sea due to the high Elemental requirements unless you are an experienced grinder and can awaken this fruit.

Is light a skilled fruit?

Is Light Fruit good? Light Fruit is a popular choice for players in Blox Fruits thanks to its versatility and effectiveness in grinding and PvP battles. As an Elemental fruit, it boasts several strengths, including powerful area-of-effect moves, decent damage, and fast flight ability.

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