Pokemon GO: How To Get Shaymin (mythical mission)

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In this article we talk about how To Get Shaymin in Pokemon. With the upcoming release of a major update to Pokémon GO, players will soon have the chance to catch Shaymin, a Gen 4 Mythical Pokémon that is hard to find. Even though the Pokedex is full of more than a thousand Pokemon, Shaymin is missing, and trainers are eager for it to be added.

The dream of meeting Shaymin is about to come true, though, thanks to a set of Special Research Tasks that have been added to the game. Trainers will be challenged by these tasks, which are likely a mix of different in-game activities that will require careful planning and hard work to complete. Trainers are getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime as they start their journey to finally get Shaymin for their collections.

The Pokémon GO community is getting more and more excited. The players are very excited and ready to become fully immersed in the world of Pokémon GO as they try to accomplish this amazing feat. To know about more go their official website.

How To Get Shaymin in Pokemon GO

  1. Wild Sky Forme Shaymin cannot be found in Pokémon Go mobile game due to its mythical legendary status.
  2. Sky Forme Shaymin can only be encountered at Pokémon Go Fest 2022.
  3. Players must purchase a research ticket to participate.
  4. Completing specific research tasks is necessary to encounter Sky Forme Shaymin.

Understanding Shaymin: Stats and Abilities


  • Max CP: 3691 (weather boosted in Sunny weather)
  • Attack: 210
  • Defense: 210
  • Stamina: 225
  • Type: Grass (single type)
  • Weaknesses: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
  • Resistances: Electric, Grass, Ground, Water


  • Natural Cure: Heals any status condition at the end of the turn if the Pokemon isn’t knocked out.


  • Fast Attacks: Razor Leaf, Seed Bomb
  • Charged Attacks: Frenzy Plant, Energy Ball, Seed Flare, Solar Beam

Shaymin Raid Battles: Strategy and Tips

Getting to Know Your Enemy:

  • Grass is Shaymin’s type, which means it is weak to moves that are Fire, Flying, Ice, Bug, and Poison. But it can’t be hurt by moves that are Water, Ground, Electric, or Grass.
Pokemon GO: How To Get Shaymin
  • Shaymin can learn a number of moves that are of the Grass, Psychic, and Steel types. Razor Leaf, Air Slash, Extrasensory, and Seed Bomb are all common moves. During the battle, be ready to counter its specific set of moves.

Putting together your team:

  • Focus on Strong Counters: Pick Pokemon that take advantage of Shaymin’s flaws. The best Pokemon to choose are those that are Fire, Flying, Ice, Bug, or Poison. Moltres, Ho-Oh, Articuno, Zapdos, Weavile, and Roserade are all good choices.
  • Think about Pokemon that have STAB. STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) makes moves that match the Pokemon’s type stronger. So Pokemon of the Fire type using moves of the Fire type, Ice type using moves of the Ice type, and so on, will do more damage to Shaymin.

Shaymin’s Role in Pokemon GO Meta

Shape of the Land:

  • PVE (Raids and Gym Battles): Doesn’t matter much. Even though it has a high attack, it doesn’t have a strong Grass-type fast move and has to rely on Hidden Power to move quickly. Other Grass-type attackers like Mega Venusaur, Torterra, and Roserade are also very strong.
  • PVP (Great League): Frenzy Plant and Seed Bomb look like they could be useful, but Registeel, Pelipper, and Tropius are strong opponents.

Sky Shape:

  • PVE: It’s a lot better now that the powerful fast move Magical Leaf was added in September 2023. One of the best grass attackers; does better than both Tapu Bulu and Roserade. This is a strong choice against Ground and Water types.
  • PVP: It’s not as strong because it’s a flying type, which makes it vulnerable to Rock and Ice attacks that are common in the Great League. Still, it can be used in certain situations with Air Slash and Weather Ball (Hurricane).


How do you get Shaymin to spawn?

Head east until you reach the Floaro Gardens. But all of the Gracidea flowers will be dead when you get there. There will be a short cutscene if you walk into the middle of the flower patch. When she thanks the Pokemon from her past, the flowers will grow back and a Shaymin will show up.

Why is Shaymin illegal?

So that some of these control and lock strategies don’t work as well, these cards have been banned. Because Shaymin-EX’s Set Up Ability let you draw so many cards, dangerous combo decks could work at an alarmingly steady rate.

Is Shaymin a legendary or mythical?

Hey, Shaymin. The Mythical Pokémon Shaymin is of the Grass type.

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