GTA Online: How To Get The Snowball Launcher 

Dominate winter warfare with the free Snowball Launcher in GTA Online. Learn how to unlock it here!

With the most recent Christmas update for GTA Online, players can enjoy a winter wonderland of new content. The Snowball Launcher is the main attraction. In this guide we showed how To Get The Snowball Launcher in GTA online.

This heavy grenade launcher, made by the famous arms company Vom Feuer, has a fun twist: it fires a never-ending stream of snowballs instead of explosives. To get this holiday-themed gear, players can take part in events, challenges, or missions that are just for the holiday season. 

Another option is that you might be able to buy it in-game, though it will probably cost more. With an endless supply of snowballs, the Snowball Launcher promises chaos in the snowy streets of Los Santos. Players can have epic snowball fights or cause chaos in their own unique way. This cute addition will make your GTA Online experience even more fun, whether you’re spreading holiday cheer or making trouble.

GTA Online: How To Get The Snowball Launcher 

  1. Introduce the snowball launcher as a free item for players who log in during the cold winter months in Festive Surprise 2023.
  2. Modify the Compact Grenade Launcher to create the snowball launcher, which fires snowballs.
  3. The snowball launcher bears a “HOHOHO” serial number and features a unique skin.
  4. Note that the snowball launcher does not require reloading; it comes with an unlimited supply of snowballs.
  5. Automatically reload the snowball launcher after expending its ammunition, within 2.5 seconds.
  6. Emphasize that the snowball launcher is non-lethal, meaning it does not inflict harm on targets.
  7. Highlight its ability to impact targets and cover vehicles in snow.

What is the Snowball Launcher in GTA Online?

The Snowball Launcher is a holiday-themed, one-time-only weapon that was added to GTA Online during the 2023 Christmas update. It’s basically a Compact Grenade Launcher with a different look that fires snowballs instead of grenades.

GTA Online: How To Get The Snowball Launcher 

The job is:

  • Unlimited snowballs can be fired; reloads itself after a short delay.
  • Does almost no damage to players (less than throwing a snowball by hand).
  • If hit in certain places, it can throw players off balance or make them fall.
  • It doesn’t hurt vehicles or their parts.
  • It has a lock-on feature, but because the projectile takes so long to move, it’s not very useful.
  • Snowball Launcher Strategies and Gameplay Tips

Accept the chaos:

  • Unlimited Ammunition: The snowball launcher reloads itself, which is different from most weapons. Do not hold back, let a storm of snow fall!
  • Fun that doesn’t kill: Snowballs can knock people down but don’t kill them, so they’re great for friendly (or not-so-friendly) snowball fights.
  • Effects on the environment: Snow splatters can make it hard to see and throw off opponents. For smart fights, use this to your advantage.

Learn how to fight in the snow:

  • Close Up: The snowball launcher works great in small areas. Hide enemies in corners or alleys to get the most out of your snowballs.
  • High Ground: Use rooftops or other high places to get the upper hand. Rain and snow down on enemies below who aren’t ready for it.
  • Together We Can Make It Happen Work: Plan with your friends to trap enemies, throw off their attention, or launch coordinated snowball attacks.

Tips and Tricks for Finding the Snowball Launcher

  • Heist: You can do hard heists with your friends, like the Cayo Perico Heist or the Diamond Casino Heist.
  • You can test how good you are at driving in exciting stunt races with turns, ramps, and loops.
  • Adversary Modes: Play separate game modes, such as Adversary Modes, where teams compete to do things like capture flags or kill each other.
  • Car Shows: Take your favourite cars for a drive and show them off at car shows, than if you want to get more details, than you can visit on official website.


How do you get the Snowball Launcher?

Where to Get a Snowball Launcher. Boxy can be talked to at the Ship It! Express facility, which is right between Fencing Fields and Pleasant Piazza, for a bargain price of 600 Gold Bars. She can be found wandering around inside the building.

Where can I get a guaranteed Snowball Launcher?

You can find Holiday Boxy between Fencing Fields and Pleasant Piazza. He is willing to sell you a Snowball Launcher for 600 Gold Bars. This may seem like a lot of money, but if you’re not careful, it’s probably better than waiting around for hours hoping a Snowball Launcher will show up.

What are the chances of getting snowball?

Snowball can be obtained by receiving the Engineer’s Gift badge from a good Mitten gift at 1/200 (0.5%). There is a 50% chance of getting a good gift and 50% of getting a bad one, so it is 1/400 (0.25%).

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