How To Get Standard Refinium In Granblue Fantasy

Need Standard Refine for your gear? Don't worry! This guide shows you the best ways to farm it in Granblue Fantasy.

In Granblue Fantasy, Get Standard Refinium is one of the most important things to find because you need it to make your weapons better. You can level up more than just the people in your party. Weapons can do it too, but they don’t gain experience from fight. That’s why you need to pay Fortitude Crystals to the blacksmith.

Even then, they can only raise your level so much. To do that, you can use Refinium to raise the level cap of an item so you can keep making it stronger. You’ll only need Standard Refinium at first, which you can get pretty early on in Granblue Fantasy: Relink game. But as the game goes on, you’ll need Quality Refinium, and a lot of it, because all the main characters have a lot of weapons.

How To Get Standard Refinium In Granblue Fantasy

In the beginning of the video game, Standard Refinium will not be easy to find. You’ll mostly get them as rewards from quests or as loot from chests and bosses. Some tasks in the Quest Counter give you Standard Refinium as a reward for clearing them for the first time. These are your best bets for getting guaranteed drops early on while also getting a lot of EXP and MSP. These kinds of quests are:

  1. Eyes Have a Trouble
  2. 101: Golems in the Desert Are Worried About Papa

As a RNG-based drop, Standard Refinium can also be found in some tasks. Read about a quest at the Quest Counter to see what things it might drop. It’s better to finish as many of a quest’s secondary goals as you can before the main goal is finished because you’ll get more prizes.

About the Game

GenreRPG, Fantasy, Gacha
PlatformsMobile (iOS, Android), PC
Release DateMarch 10, 2014
SettingSky realm consisting of numerous floating islands
GameplayTurn-based combat, team building, character collecting, story exploration
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Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Refinium Acquisition

Strategy for the early game:

  • Focus on quests that will definitely earn you Refinium, like “Eye Have A Problem,” “Golemology 101: Desert Golems,” and “Worried About Papa.”
How To Get Standard Refinium In Granblue Fantasy
  • Careful Dailies: Do all of your daily tasks and goals on time. They give small amounts of Refinium all the time, but it adds up over time.
  • Side Quest Smart: Don’t forget about side tasks; they can sometimes give you Refinium along with other items.
  • Event Efficiency: Take part in events that only happen for a short time and give out Refinium as a prize. Put event material with high Refinium drops at the top of the list.

Tips for the middle game:

  • Battleground Prowess: Take on Impossible Raids in the Proving Grounds and Arcanum Isles. They have a good rate of Refinium drops and offer extra rewards for harder challenges.
  • group Glory: In Guild Wars, giving back to your group earns you Guild Medals, which you can then trade in for Refinium in the shop.
  • Smart Shopping: If you need to get important uncaps quickly, you might want to use some of your first Crystals to buy Refinium from Sierokarte. Be careful not to use up all of your Crystals.


What is Standard Refinium used for?

Standard Refinium is a material used to uncap weapons and characters in Granblue Fantasy. It’s particularly crucial in the early stages of the game.

Any tips for managing Standard Refinium effectively?

Prioritize: Use Standard Refinium strategically on weapons and characters you plan to use actively.
Don’t waste it: Avoid uncapping everything blindly. Research and choose units/weapons that significantly benefit from uncapping.

Where can I get Standard Refinium?

Guaranteed drops: Complete specific quests for the first time, like “Eye Have A Problem,” “Golemology 101: Desert Golems,” and “Worried About Papa.” RNG drops: Some quests feature Standard Refinium in their loot tables, like “The Dragon in the Cave.” Completing secondary objectives increases your chances.

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