How to Get Tarnish Key in Remnant 2

Tired of backtracking? Find the Tarnish Key and explore every corner of Remnant 2 with this comprehensive guide and helpful tips!

It’s important to Get Tarnish Key in Remnant 2 because it opens a locked door and lets you get to the powerful Matriarch’s Insignia amulet. This guide will show you step-by-step how to find the Tarnished Key if you need help.

How to get the Warped Key in Remnant 2 Picture: PC Invasion The Tarnished Key can be found in The Widow’s Court part of the Yaesha biome in Remnant 2. The checkpoint crystal at the beginning of The Widow’s Court is on the left side of the map. Go down until you find a body of water with a waterfall. Picture: PC Invasion Hidden behind the water fall, the Tarnished Key is perched on a rock.

The exact spot in Remnant 2 where you can find the Tarnished Key is shown below. Picture: PC Invasion Find out how to use the Tarnished Key in Remnant 2 video game. Once you have the Tarnished Key, go back to the starting area and stand next to the marker crystal.

What is the Tarnish Key in Remnant 2?

A rare item in Remnant 2 called the Tarnish Key can be used to open a secret door in The Widow’s Court. You can get the powerful Matriarch’s Insignia amulet by finding it. This will raise your character’s stats and give them access to new powers.

This key is usually dropped by a certain enemy, but where it is dropped can change from game to game. It’s also for sale at the Ornate Lockbox store in Ward 13 if you have enough Seeds. When you use the key, you can quickly get back to the bridge and find the Matriarch’s Insignia. This will make your future travels easier.

How to Get Tarnish Key in Remnant 2

  • The Remnant 2 is where Widow’s Court is located. When you start your Yaesha quest in the Red Throne, the Widow’s Court dungeon is often part of it. Before you get to the Widow’s Court, you’ll go to a number of different places. If you don’t find this place during your campaign, you should do an Adventure Run and start over until you reach the Red Throne.
  • Possible places where keys will spawn — There is only one place where the Tarnished Key can appear. But the Ornate Key could spawn in two different places.
How to Get Tarnish Key in Remnant 2
  • One thing that could go wrong is that once you get to Widow’s Court, you should never go through the gate that leads to the next area until you have the keys. The wall leads to the fight with the Corruptor boss. Even though the battle won’t start right away, the keys you need will disappear. I believe it’s the game’s way of making you think that your jobs are done, even though they aren’t.

Importance of the Tarnish Key in Gameplay

In Remnant 2, the Tarnished Key is very important because it changes how the story goes and how your character is improved. It opens the Tarnished Gate, which leads to the Root World, a secret area that is necessary to reach the True Ending and get the best gear.

This realm has tough dungeons, strong bosses, and unique items. The Key opens the door to endgame material and true mastery. Even though it’s not required, the Tarnished Key is a key to discovering secrets, power, and the best Remnant experience possible.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Tarnish Key Locations

  • The Widow’s Court: On the first floor, near the big centre column, you can find a locked chest. To open the keyholes, use the Scroll from the nearby skeleton. To open the chest, you’ll need to find two buttons in different parts of the level.
  • Ward 13: The fight is going on behind the Matriarch in the locked room. Needs to be solved using a puzzle with bells and buttons.
  • Yeisha: In the Root Cellar, in a secret room. To get to the entrance, flip the secret switches.
  • The Widow’s Court: It’s hidden behind a wall that can be broken in the room with the dead body next to the bridge, not far from where the game starts. To get back to the beginning, press the key to open a link.
  • Rhom: In the Foetid Pools area, in a locked chest. Needs three pressure plates in the nearby building to be turned on.


What does the tarnished key do?

You can get the tarnished key from Essyllt and use it to free the gnome from jail in Mourning’s End Part I. It can’t be put on the steel key ring. If you lose the key, you can find it by looking through the head mourner’s desk. After the quest, you can get rid of it however you want.

What is the best gun in Remnant 2?

It gets dark. In Remnant 2, most players will use long guns as their main tool, and Nightfall is the best of its kind to date. Base damage is 31, and the clip holds 10 rounds.

What is the strange object in Remnant 2?

That strange thing is a quest item in Remnant 2. You can use quest items to start or move forward in certain side quests or major story quests, as well as to find and unlock new areas. Key Items can only be found in certain parts of a location and can be given by NPCs or stolen from enemies and bosses.

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