How to Get Twine in Nightingale (easy guide)

Craft twine in Nightingale & boost your gear score!

In the world of Nightingale, making Twine is an easy but important way to improve your gear score. First, people need to get fiber, which can come from either plants or animals. Once it is processed, either type of fiber does the same thing. The raw material is then put through the spinning magic of a Spinning Wheel, an important machine that turns ordinary fiber into the useful Twine. In this article we will show you how to Get Twine in Nightingale.

Getting the blueprint for a Spinning Wheel is a big step forward. Usually, you can do this by dealing with an Essence Trader in the realm. Once a person has it, they can build this important tool at their base, which makes it possible to make Twine. At first look, Twine may not seem important, but it is because it is a basic building block for making advanced Nightingale gear.

The making process is pretty simple, which fits with Twine’s role as an important resource. One cannot overstate how important Twine is, though, because it is the building block for many powerful things that help raise your Nightingale gear score. You can learn more by visiting their official site.

What is Twine in Nightingale?

In Nightingale, you can spin fibers to make twine, which is a simple crafting material. As a building block for important items, it’s important for early game growth. You’ll need Twine to make the Simple Crafting Bench, which lets you make tools, weapons, and other things that you’ll need to survive in Nightingale’s harsh world. So, get fibers from grass and plants and keep your spinning wheel busy to make sure you always have this important resource.

How to Get Twine in Nightingale

  1. Obtain Twine: Twine is essential in Nightingale for crafting tools and structures necessary for survival and progression.
  2. Craft Simple Spinning Wheel: Start by crafting a Simple Spinning Wheel, which allows the conversion of different fibers into Twine.
  3. Acquire Blueprint: Initially, you won’t have the blueprint for the Spinning Wheel. Look for Essence Traders near spawn points in the Abeyance Realm.
  4. Purchase Blueprint: Locate an Essence Trader on your map and buy the schematics for the Simple Spinning Wheel using 55 Essence Dust.
  5. Gather Materials: Collect the necessary materials to build the Spinning Wheel, which include 15 Plant Fibers, 3 Wood Bundles, and 1 Bone.
  6. Construct Spinning Wheel: Once you have the blueprint and materials, find a suitable location to construct the Spinning Wheel.

Importance of Twine in Nightingale

  • Unlocks Progression: Twine is essential for crafting the Simple Crafting Bench, the cornerstone of crafting in Nightingale. Without it, you’ll be limited in creating crucial tools, weapons, and other structures necessary for survival.
  • Early Game Necessity: Twine is readily available, making it accessible during the initial stages of the game when resources might be scarce. This allows you to construct essential items like basic tools and shelters early on.
  • Self-Reliance: The ability to gather fibers and convert them into Twine embodies the essence of resourcefulness in Nightingale. It encourages players to utilize their environment and available resources to create essential items.
How to Get Twine in Nightingale
  • Progression and Independence: Mastering the acquisition and use of Twine signifies the player’s growing self-sufficiency and ability to thrive in the harsh world of Nightingale.

Tips and tricks for acquiring Twine efficiently in Nightingale

  • Exploration Early on: Look around and gather as much plant fiber as you can as soon as the game starts. Find tall grass, hemp plants, and other plants with fibers.
  • Rich in resources places: Look for places like fields or near bodies of water where there are a lot of plants that produce fiber.
  • Once you have some simple tools, you might want to make a Stone Sickle or an Iron Sickle as an upgrade. These tools help you get more fiber from each plant, which makes you more productive.
  • Crafting Stations: Use any spinning stations you can find, like the ones in abandoned towns, to turn the threads you’ve collected into Twine.
  • Bulk Crafting: When you craft twine, choose the “maximum yield” choice to make more at once, which will save you time and work.
  • Set goals Upgrades: As you get better, you might want to improve your spinning wheel to get more Twine per fiber and make the most resources possible.


How do I build a Simple Spinning Wheel?

Visit an Essence Trader and purchase the Simple Spinning Wheel schematic for 55 Essences. Open your Guidebook and go to the Building tab. Select the Simple Spinning Wheel from the list and place it in your desired location.

What can I use twine for?

Wicks for wax candles.
Refined Fiber for higher-tier crafting.
Charm Twine to enhance the power of crafting ingredients.
Basic structures like an Upgrade Bench.

Is there anything else I should know about twine?

Twine is a readily available resource, so don’t hesitate to use it for crafting. You can unlock new recipes at the Spinning Wheel to create different thread materials for specific crafting needs.

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