Palworld: How To Get and Use Pal Essence Condenser

Give your Pals extra power in Palworld! Find out how to build and use the Essence Condenser.

Games are always changing, so getting points when you level up is a common perk for players. It’s a real reward that helps them move forward. But there is a clear contrast when thinking about what will happen to one’s loyal friends, who are sometimes called “Pals.” This guide we showed how To Get and Use Pal Essence Condenser in Palworld.

These digital friends don’t get as excited as their human friends do when they get more points for each level they reach. Even though it seems like rewards aren’t being given out fairly, Pals doesn’t have to live a boring life. It is possible for players to improve their Pals’ skills in different ways. One way is to work on your Partner Skills, which is a strategic goal that makes the relationship between you and your Pal stronger.

Improvements can also be made to important stats like Health, Attack, and Defence, which adds a very important dimension to the gameplay. This complex system makes sure that even though points are only available to players, the chance for overall improvement is open to all the loyal companions that live in the virtual world.

What is Pal Essence Condenser in Palworld?

When you play Palworld video game, the Pal Essence Condenser is an important tool for making a strong team of Pals. It basically works like a Pal fusion device, letting you sacrifice several identical Pals to make one of them much better. It’s kind of like taking the life essence from a few weaker Pals and injecting it into a champion you choose.

Here’s how it works:


  • You need to reach level 14 and spend Ancient Technology Points earned from defeating Alpha Pals for the first time.


  • The Condenser requires 20 Paldium Fragments, 20 Ingots, and 5 Ancient Civilization Parts. Build it close to your Palbox for convenience.

Get and Use Pal Essence Condenser in Palworld

  1. Achieve Level 14: You have to get to level 14 before obtaining the Pal Essence Condenser.
  2. Earn Ancient Technology Points: Acquire two Ancient Technology Points by defeating the first Alpha Pal (boss).
  3. Gather Materials: Collect the following materials for building the Pal Essence Condenser near the Palbox: 20 Paldium Fragments 20 Ingots 5 Ancient Civilization Parts

Best Strategies for Efficient Pal Essence Condensation

Getting ready:

  • To get the Pal Essence Condenser early, you need to get to level 14 and get two Ancient Technology Points from bosses.
  • Get things together: Set up the condenser next to your Palbox. Get 20 pieces of paldium, 20 ingots, and 5 parts of an ancient civilization.
  • Be smart about it: Pick out which Pal you want to improve. Put combat pals ahead of work pals.

How condensation works:

  • It’s important to use Pals of the same species when condensing. Giving up a Pal adds a blue star to the base Pal.
Palworld: How To Get and Use Pal Essence Condenser
  • As you get more stars, your base Pal’s HP, Attack, Defence, and Partner Skill level go up by one, up to five. When they get 4 stars, their Work Suitability level also goes up.
  • No Transfer: The stats and passive skills of Pals that have been sacrificed do not move. Pick Pals whose base stats are high.

Tips for Maximizing Pal Essence Condenser Output

Before the condensation:

  • Pick the right friend: Focus on species that can easily be obtained in large numbers and that have a lot of room for stat growth. Some popular choices are Piggies to attack, Bunnikes to defend, and Digguins to mine efficiently.
  • When you want to boost a stat, don’t just focus on that one. To make a well-rounded powerhouse, you might want to give up Pals with strong stats that work well with your main.

During the condensation:

  • If you put several Condensers next to each other, they will work better together, increasing the amount of essence they produce. The best arrangement will depend on how your base is set up.
  • Research upgrades: Spend money on research perks that increase the rate of Pal Essence extraction and the overall efficiency of the condenser.

After condensation:

  • Study the outcomes: Keep track of the Pal combinations and conditions that lead to the best outcomes. Change how you do things based on what you find.
  • Repeat and improve: Once you know the best way to do things, keep condensing a lot of Pals to make your strongest specimens better and better.


How do you use the PAL condenser in Palworld?

You can choose Pals of the same species to boost with the Pal Essence Condenser. A quick summary is given below: You need to pick one Pal that will get stronger. After that, you need to choose four Pals to be “infusion fodder.”

What system is Palworld for?

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system. OS: Windows 10 or later (64-Bit)

Will Palworld be on mobile?

Palworld isn’t available on mobile devices, but there are a lot of survival games in the app stores that can give you a similar experience.

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