How to Get Varoom in Pokemon Go

Turn up the power for Varoom! Find out how to hatch this Steel/Poison Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Training partners are thrilled about Team Rocket’s long-awaited return in a different Pokemon Go event during the Timeless Travels season. We’re focusing on Varoom, a fascinating Steel/Poison-type Pokemon that first appeared in the Generation 9 games. Within a short time of being released, Varoom has become very popular, winning over trainers with its unique personality. In this article we will talk about how to Get Varoom in Pokemon Go.

Trainers who want to be successful in a variety of areas have found this mysterious Pokemon to be a strong opponent in both PvP (Player versus Player) and PvE (Player versus Environment) battles. Numerous rumours and theories about Varoom’s history and abilities are going around as trainers eagerly await the event. Your Varoom is a strong strategic Pokémon because it has both Steel and Poison typings, which make battles more complicated.

The community for Pokemon Go is full of conversations, plans, and advice on how to catch and train this popular Pokemon. Trainers can get closer to Varoom during the Timeless Travels season, which means that trainers will have an exciting battle with Team Rocket and this event will go down in Pokemon Go history as a major turning point. If you would like additional information, please visit the official website.

How to Get Varoom in Pokemon Go

  1. On January 24, 2024, the Steel/Poison-type Pokemon known as Varoom will be added to Pokemon Go as a part of the Taken Treasures event.
  2. Varoom will initially be accessible to players.
  3. Users of Pokemon Go will be able to locate the Single-Cyl creature in eggs that are located 12 kilometres away.

Importance of Varoom for Pokemon Go Players

  • Electric and Psychic Dual Typing: Varoom is better than other Pokemon because it can use both Electric and Psychic types. It’s better at fighting and poison Pokemon because it’s Psychic, not Electric. It’s also better at flying and water Pokemon because it’s Electric. Varoom is very good at Gym, Raid, and PvP battles because he can do many things well.
  • Strong Stats: Varoom’s Special Attack and Attack are very strong. It is a very strong offensive threat because its Electric and Psychic moves do a lot of damage.
How to Get Varoom in Pokemon Go
  • Evolution Potential: Varoom can change into Jolteon, an Electric-type Pokemon that is fast and strong. Because Jolteon is so popular and good at battle, players are putting money into Varoom, which can lead to a valuable Pokemon.
  • Accessibility: Not as hard to get as other Electric and Psychic Pokemon, Varoom. It can hatch from eggs that are 5 km away and live in the wild, especially in places where Electric-type eggs are laid. Because it’s easy to get, more players can use its unique strengths in their teams.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Varoom

  • Buddy Up: Start by making Varoom your friend Pokemon. Walk around with it to earn candy and raise your Buddy Level. As your Buddy Level goes up, you can get benefits like finding Varoom more often in the wild and needing less Stardust to power up.
  • Pinap Berries: Use Pinap Berries to get more candy when you catch wild Varoom. This is very helpful during Community Days or events where Varoom spawns are boosted.
  • Weather Boost: Since Varoom is an Electric-type Pokemon, catching it during an Electric-type weather boost will give you more candy and more CP. Varoom attacks will also be stronger when the weather is Electric.
  • Trade and transferred: If you have a copy of Varoom with low IVs, trade it for candy. You can get extra candy when you trade Varoom with friends, especially if you trade Pokemon that are far away.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Get Varoom

Not knowing what Varoom needs to be activated:

  • Keep your speed at least 5 km/h (3.1 mph) whether you’re walking or running.
  • Keep going at this speed for at least five minutes to make Varoom happen.
  • Varoom won’t work if you’re driving, riding a bike or using any other mode of transportation that goes faster than the speed limit.

Problems with GPS:

  • A strong GPS signal is very important. If you find that your GPS signal is being harmed, move to a clear area.
  • If you think your GPS isn’t working right, restart your device or the Pokémon GO app.

Mode to save battery life:

  • Battery Saver mode can sometimes make GPS less accurate.
  • If you’re having trouble starting Varoom, turn it off.

Varoom and In-Game Rewards

No room:

  • It was first shown off during the “Taken Treasures” event in December 2023.
  • Pokemon that are electric or steel.
  • You can get it by hatching 12km eggs.

Rewards in the game:

  • Varoom Debut: During the event, there is a better chance that Varoom eggs laid at 12 km will hatch.
  • Paid Timed Research: Get more Stardust, XP, Incense, the Incubator, Pinap Berries, Pokemon that are themed for the event, and a unique avatar pose.
  • Field and Research Tasks: Finish tasks to get rewards like Pokeballs, Stardust, Berries, TMs, and chances to meet certain Pokemon.


Where do you find Varoom in Pokemon?

Trainers can find Varoom eggs every 12 km and use 50 Varoom Candy to evolve them. Trainees will fight Giovanni and his Shadow Kyogre during the event and may even see a shiny Shadow Ho-Oh.

How do you get shadow kyogre?

You can get Shadow Kyogre by finishing the last part of the Timeless Travels Seasonal Research. As soon as players finish the tasks for the Super Rocket Radar, they can go up against Giovanni and beat him for the Shadow Kyogre.

Is Kyogre ex rare?

Primal Kyogre-EX is a Full Art Ultra Rare card from the Pokemon TCG/CCG. It has 240HP, is Water-type, and is weak to Grass, so it’s a good card to add to any deck.

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