How to Get VR11 Wonder Weapon in Modern Warfare 3

Dominate the undead! Guide to acquiring the VR-11 in MW3 Zombies.

What’s all the fuss about in Call of Duty? Wonder Weapons, with their unique and powerful skills. When players find and use them, they can wipe out their opponents and win the game. One of the rarest guns in Battle Royale, though, is the Wonder Weapon. Not many players have been lucky enough to find one while exploring the map. In this article we will show you how to Get VR11 Wonder Weapon in Modern Warfare 3.

The V-R11 is a new Wonder Weapon that was added to Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 1. You need the V-R11 to complete tasks in MW3 and Warzone Act and tough combat challenges. Find out how to get the V-R11 and everything else players need to know about it here.

What is the VR-11 in MW3 Zombies?

What a great new weapon! The VR-11 lets you shoot zombies or mercenaries and turn them into friends that can fight zombies or act as a distraction. You can also shoot a partner with it to make them invisible and deal extra damage for a short time. Besides that, this weapon can be used to fix cars. This is very important when you need to protect your ACV tank to finish the Escort Contract. Learn more and get started by visiting the official website.

How to Get VR11 Wonder Weapon in Modern Warfare 3

  1. Find Mystery Box or Weapon Case: Locate a Mystery Box or a Weapon case from a Rewards Rift.
  2. Access Mystery Box: Use tac-map and locate the chest icon indicating the Mystery Box. It costs 950 Essence.
  3. Remember Randomness: Understand that the Mystery Box offers random weapons upon use, including the V-R11. Acquisition is entirely random.
  4. Complete Contracts: Finish contracts in Threat Zones level 2 and 3 to gain access to Reward Rifts.
  5. Enter Reward Rifts: Upon completing contracts, gain entry into Reward Rifts.
  6. Search for Wonder Weapon Case: Look for a Wonder Weapon Case within the Reward Rifts.
  7. Retrieve V-R11: Once inside the Reward Rift, locate the V-R11 along with other Wonder Weapons such as the Ray Gun.

Tips and Strategies for Efficiently Acquiring the VR11 Wonder Weapon

  • Crowd Control: Use the VR11 to turn zombies or mercenaries into allies, creating a temporary distraction or even turning them against other enemies. This can be particularly useful in hectic situations or against large waves of enemies.
  • Boss Takedowns:ย While it can still deal damage to regular enemies, the VR11 truly shines against bosses. Its high damage per shot and ability to bypass boss armor make it a powerful tool for taking down even the toughest foes.
How to Get VR11 Wonder Weapon in Modern Warfare 3
  • Strategic Conversions: Target specific enemies with the VR11 to gain an advantage. For example, turning a heavily armored enemy into an ally can expose their weak points and make them easier to eliminate.
  • Escape Routes: If surrounded by enemies, use the VR11 to convert one or two zombies to create a temporary distraction, allowing you to escape and regroup.
  • Defensive Buff: The VR11 buff granted to allies provides temporary invisibility and increased damage resistance. Apply this buff to yourself or teammates in critical situations to improve survivability.

Leveraging the VR11 Wonder Weapon in Gameplay

In Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, use the VR11 to cause chaos. You can change the tide by turning zombies or soldiers into allies, making distractions, and changing the battlefield. It does a lot of damage and can get through armor, so you can use it to beat bosses or to defend yourself and your friends temporarily.

Remember that you only have so much ammo, so use it wisely and watch out for friendly fire. Learn how to use the VR11 along with your other weapons, and feel the thrill of controlling the fight.

Advanced Techniques for Maximizing the VR11 Wonder Weapon’s Potential

  • To do double conversion, shoot an enemy with the VR11 and then shoot another enemy right away with a bullet from your main weapon. This can sometimes convert both foes, giving you twice as many allies who have been converted.
  • Conversion Chaining: Use the VR11 to change an enemy that is close to a group of other enemies. The newly changed zombie might attack nearby enemies, which could lead to more zombies being changed and make the united force bigger.
  • “Bait and Switch”: Use the VR11 to change a weak enemy and then lure them toward a stronger enemy. The weaker enemy will attack the stronger one, making it easy to kill both of them.
  • Positioning the Boss: When you’re facing a boss, try to turn enemies that are hiding in corners or behind things. This lets the zombies that have been changed attack the boss while you stay safe, doing the most damage with the least amount of risk.


Where is the V-R11 case?

Find and steal Mystery Boxes or V-R11 Weapon Cases in Season 1 to get the V-R11 weapon. The Mystery Box is a hidden cache full of useful items, such as plans and weapons. This box appears on the map at random and holds random things, so it’s not likely that you’ll find the V-R11.

What is the wonder weapon in mwz V-R11?

An overview. When it comes to wonder weapons, the V-R11 is one of a kind. Anyone who gets hit by one of the V-R11’s beams will become a person. Dead people will chase the person, who will scream while he is still living.

How do you get wonder weapons in MW3?

Doing the Tier 4 Act 3 task “The Holdout” will give players the schematic for it. They have to start the Outlast Contract and kill 50 people in the corrupted place in order to get it. When the game is over, players get the Wunderwaffe Schematics and must leave the area safely in order to make the weapon.

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