Granblue Fantasy: Relink: How To Get Cutthroat Fang

Unleash the power of the Cutthroat Fang in Granblue Fantasy: Relink! Learn how to obtain this legendary aviaeth item and dominate the skies

The Granblue Fantasy: Relink Get Cutthroat Fang is a unique and strong item in the game. Within the famous aviaeth group, this item is used to improve gear. As a legendary piece, this item has special qualities that make it useful for players who want to improve their gear.

In the game, the Cutthroat Fang can be used for many things, such as making weapons, improving gear, and unlocking a level. The Blacksmith, who is an important figure in the game, is where you should go to make these changes. The Blacksmith can be found in either Folca or Seedhollow.

Players can also get to these features by using a “Holy Ground.” It talks about a pretty blade on someone’s ear, which could mean a character or thing in the video game. The item’s strength and bravery are shown by the words “an intrepid heart matching a confident strut” in the description.

  1. Finish the mission for Granblue Fantasy Relink.
  2. Finish the Veteran Skyfarer Rank Up Quest, beat the Bahamut Versa Omega, and finish the quests that come after the game.
  3. Do the Saga Goes On: Do the Silver Quest and get to the rank of Zegagrande Legend.
  • Identify your team composition and needs: Different weapon types cater to different playstyles and character roles. Consider if you need a strong main hand weapon, an off-hand utility weapon, or a powerful element-specific weapon.
  • Research the best Cutthroat Fang recipes:¬†Consult online resources,¬†guides,¬†and community discussions to find the most effective weapons that match your team and playstyle.¬†Some popular options include:
    • Crimson Claws: A powerful fire fist weapon suitable for melee attackers.
    • Azure Scythe: A versatile wind scythe weapon with high critical hit chance.
    • Tempest Spear:¬†A lightning spear weapon great for characters who inflict debuffs.
Granblue Fantasy: Relink: How To Get Cutthroat Fang
  • Consider future needs:¬†While crafting a specific weapon might seem ideal,¬†remember you might acquire other valuable materials later.¬†Crafting a versatile base weapon like the Crimson Claws might be more beneficial in the long run. For further information, please refer to the official website.

Tips and Tricks for Efficiently Obtaining Cutthroat Fang

  • Play through side quests: The good news is that you can do these Side Quests again and again, and each time you might get another Cutthroat Fang from them. Don’t be afraid to go back and look at them again if you need more.
  • Level of Difficulty: If you play on harder levels, you have a better chance of getting rare things like the Cutthroat Fang. It does, however, make the fights tougher. Pick a level of difficulty that is just right for you but still challenges you.
  • Creating a character: You might want to use characters whose skills increase the number of drops, like Lyria’s “Lucky Star” or Vaseraga’s “Treasure Hunter.” These skills can make it a little more likely that you’ll get the Cutthroat Fang.
  • “The Bandit’s Treasure”: The quest “The Bandit’s Treasure” can be found in Chapter 2, and when you finish it for the first time, you’ll get the Cutthroat Fang as a prize.
  • “Saga Illustrated: Veil”: You can find this quest in Chapter 4, and when you finish it for the first time, you’ll get a Cutthroat Fang.


What difficulty is recommended for “Saga Illustrated: Veil”?

Choose a difficulty you can comfortably beat to optimize your time. Proud guarantees the drop, but Maniac offers faster attempts.

Where can I find Siero?

He is located in the Grandcypher’s Treasure Island, accessible after completing the main story.

Can I farm the Cutthroat Fang?

Yes, by replaying “Saga Illustrated: Veil” on Maniac difficulty, but the drop rate is low.

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