Mastering PUBG: New State – Play Alongside Your Friends

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on teaming up with your friends in PUBG: New State! In this updated version of the tutorial, we’re excited to share with you straightforward steps to enhance your gaming experience. For fans of battle royale games seeking camaraderie and competition, you’re in the right place!

Team Up in PUBG: New State – A Step-by-Step Guide

PUBG: New State brings a refreshing futuristic spin to the renowned battle royale genre. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, the game offers dynamic 100-player showdowns and intense 4v4 matches like Team Deathmatch. Teaming up with friends adds to the thrill, and we’ll guide you through the process of forming your dream squad.

Although PUBG: New State doesn’t offer comprehensive controller support at the moment, touch controls are tuned for performance, promising engaging gameplay. So if you’re all about that touch screen life, let’s get you set up to dive into action with your buddies.

Adding Friends to Your PUBG: New State Roster

Building your friends list is easy and you’re not capped by any limits. Keep in mind, though, that when it’s time for battle, you can only bring three friends along.

  • From the main lobby, tap ‘Add Friend’ on the left or the friend icon at the top-right if you’re not new to this.
  • In the ‘Add friend’ section on the bottom-right, key in your friend’s username.
  • Hit ‘Add’ and then ‘Submit Request’ to send out an invitation.

You can also streamline the process by logging in with your Google or Facebook account, giving you immediate access to connected friends ready to join your squad.

Inviting Your Squad and Taking on the World in PUBG: New State

  • Back in the lobby, select ‘Invite to team’ from the left panel.
  • Choose friends from your list, clan members, or recent players you clicked with.
  • Send out an invite and get ready for action.


Whether you’re strategizing for the win or just enjoying a social round with friends, PUBG: New State offers an engaging platform for collaboration and fun. Remember, while individual skill matters, teamwork is often the key to victory in the battle royale arena.


Q: Can I link my existing PUBG Mobile friends to PUBG: New State?

A: As both games operate separately, you’ll need to add friends specifically in PUBG: New State. Use the simple steps outlined above to build your new friend list.

Q: What is the maximum squad size in PUBG: New State?

A: You can play with up to three friends in your squad, making a total team size of four players in the battle royale mode.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge to gather your friends in PUBG: New State, it’s time to claim the battleground as your own. Happy gaming, and may your squad reign supreme!

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