How to Use Virtual Backgrounds in Google Meet for Better Video Calls

Enhancing Google Meet Video Calls with Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual meetings have quickly evolved into a staple of our daily communications, necessitating tools that enhance privacy and professionalism. In this light, Google Meet, though proficient, defaults on some user-preferred features like background blurring and virtual backgrounds. However, savvy users can circumvent these limitations using browser extensions and auxiliary applications to augment their video call experience. Let’s delve into how virtual backgrounds can be set up in Google Meet for improved video calls.

How to Elevate Your Google Meet Calls with Virtual Backgrounds

While Google Meet is a robust video conferencing platform, it has yet to introduce certain built-in features. Fortunately, users can utilize third-party solutions for virtual backgrounds. Here, we provide a guide to aid you in seamlessly integrating these tools with Google Meet.


Q: How can I add a virtual background to my Google Meet video calls?

A: Leverage Chrome extensions like “Virtual Background” or desktop applications such as “Snap Camera” to introduce virtual backgrounds into your Google Meet calls.

Q: Is screen sharing supported by Google Meet?

A: Yes, screen sharing is a supported feature in Google Meet. You can share your screen by clicking the ‘Present Now’ button during a call. Choose to present your entire screen, a window, or a tab.

Q: Is it feasible to adjust my Google Meet camera settings?

A: Certainly. You can select “Snap Camera” or any other camera setup by navigating to the video settings in Google Meet and choosing your preferred camera under the camera options.

Q: Can I blur my background in Google Meet?

A: As of now, Google Meet doesn’t offer a default background blur feature. However, utilizing extensions like “Virtual Background” or “Snap Camera,” you can obscure your surroundings or apply a stylized background.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Virtual Backgrounds in Google Meet

Chrome Extension Method

  1. Navigate to the Chrome Web Store and search for “Virtual Background.”
  2. Install the extension and open a Google Meet call in your browser.
  3. Activate the extension by interacting with its icon alongside the address bar in the meeting.
  4. Choose from the available virtual backgrounds or upload your own for a personalized touch.

Using Snap Camera for Enhanced Background Effects

  1. Download and install the Snap Camera application from its official site suitable for your operating system.
  2. Explore and select desired lenses to be applied to your video feed.
  3. In Google Meet settings, set Snap Camera as your default video source, and your selection will automatically appear in the video feed.


Integrating virtual backgrounds into Google Meet calls provides a layer of privacy and professionalism preferred by many users. While Google Meet may incorporate such features in the future, third-party extensions and applications are the immediate solution to a customized and enhanced video conferencing experience. Your Google Meet calls can now maintain the essence of your personal style or work environment thanks to these creative workarounds.

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