Helldivers 2: How to Beat Bile Spewers

Facing the vile Bile Spewers in Helldivers 2? Learn how to overcome their acidic wrath!

Getting past Helldivers 2 The big, tick-like Terminids aren’t as strong as they look, so Bile Spewers isn’t too hard, but their very acidic bile can be a problem. That, along with their chitinous armour, makes them pretty tough, but their green, squishy bellies are a good weakness. In this article we will show you how to Beat Bile Spewers in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 also doesn’t make it hard to find these bugs; they’ll become more common as you raise the challenge. If you need to kill these big bugs for some reason, I’ll show you where to find them and how to kill them in Helldivers 2 game.

How to Beat Bile Spewers in Helldivers 2

  1. Understand how to avoid Bile Spewers’ attacks before engaging in combat in Helldivers 2.
  2. Notice that the poison attacks of Bile Spewers travel in a straight line.
  3. Dodge left or right whenever you see a Bile Spewer getting ready to spew poison.
  4. Check your surroundings before dodging to ensure safety.
  5. Recognize that the weak spot of Bile Spewers is their head.
  6. Use an Anti-Materiel Rifle to shoot the Bile Spewer in the head for devastating damage.
  7. Coordinate with teammates to distract the Bile Spewers if needed.
  8. Consider teammates sacrificing themselves to provide an opportunity for a precise shot.
  9. Target the green-colored abdomen of Bile Spewers, which is also vulnerable to damage.
  10. Aim for the abdomen to explode and kill the bug.
  11. Utilize an Orbital Strike when surrounded by multiple Bile Spewers for area-of-effect (AOE) explosive damage.
  12. Alternatively, deploy an Orbital 120MM He Barrage to clear the grounds effectively.

Advanced Techniques for Efficiently Handling Bile Spewer Attacks

  • Anti-Tank Weapons: For high damage to a single target, use rocket launchers, railguns, or plasma cannons. Hit the Bile Spewer’s main body or the bright sacs on its back for extra damage.
  • Weapons with an area of effect (AoE): You can fight groups of Bile Spewers with flamethrowers, rocket launchers, or even grenades. Get them into small areas to make the AoE blast more powerful.
  • Precision Rifles: A well-placed shot to the head of the Bile Spewer can kill it right away for skilled shooters. This is especially helpful for Bile Spewers that are alone or when you want to save ammunition.
Helldivers 2: How to Beat Bile Spewers
  • Dodge Rolling: To miss Bile Spewer projectiles, you must master the dodge roll. You have to time your rolls just right to get through the bile.
  • When you use Jump Strafing, you move sideways while jumping, making your path less straight. This makes it harder for Bile Spewers to hit you.
  • Crouch Sprinting: Crouch sprinting can help you move quickly while hiding and keep moving forward, which can help you change positions or close the gap.

Choosing the Right Loadout for Bile Spewer Encounters


  • High-Power Rifles: Rifles like the Breaker and the Justice are great because they do damage and have a long range, so you can keep your distance and attack Bile Spewers.
  • Shotguns: At close range, powerful shotguns like the Punisher or Guard can destroy Bile Spewers. It’s risky, but if you can get close, it works great.
  • Plasma Weapons: The Plas-1 Scorcher and other options do a lot of damage and splash, making them good for dealing with large groups of people that are often around Bile Spewers.


  • Explosives, like grenades, the Recoilless Rifle, the Missile Launcher, and so on, can do a lot of damage to Bile Spewers quickly.
  • Distraction: Stun grenades or the Static Field Conductors strategy can help you stop Bile Spewers in their tracks so you can focus your fire on their weak spots.
  • Support: Drops of extra ammunition or the Guard Dog drone can help you keep fighting and ease the stress.

Loadout Priorities

  • Damage and Splash: To deal with Bile Spewers and any smaller bugs nearby, you should focus on weapons and splash damage.
  • Move around: Be ready to dodge all the time to stay away from acid. Pick gear that lets you move it quickly.
  • Controlling Crowds: Bile Spewers don’t usually move by themselves. You should bring tools to deal with groups of enemies. Learn more and get started by visiting the official website.


What are Bile Spewers?

There are big green Terminid enemies called Bile Spewers that you can find on at least Medium-difficulty Terminid-inhabited worlds in the eastern parts of the galaxy, like Erata Prime, Fenrir III, Meridia, and Turing. They are famous for being able to spew acid that can kill.

What are their weak points?

Their glowing green bellies are where they are most likely to get hurt, but hitting them there will make them explode and spread acid. Be careful not to get caught in the blast.

What weapons are effective against them?

Explosives: Rocket launchers, grenades, and other weapons that set off large explosions can hurt and stun Bile Spewers. Weapons that do a lot of damage: The Autocannon, the Railgun, and the Spear can quickly kill Bile Spewers.

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