Helldivers 2: How To Find and Beat Devastators

Dominate the Automatons! Learn how to find & dismantle Helldivers 2's Devastators with ease.

In this tutorial we showed how To Find and Beat Devastators in Helldivers 2. In Helldivers 2’s hostile universe, fighting the powerful Devastators requires both complex strategy and constant firepower. These mechanical behemoths, which are common on bot-controlled planets like Mavelon Prime, are the best example of a mid-level threat from the Automaton threat. Towering and heavily armoured, Devastators are a formidable foe.

Their arsenal includes terrifying shields and devastating rocket barrages, making them a multifaceted threat to brave Helldivers. Engaging with these enemies usually takes place on Challenging Difficulty or higher settings, requiring seasoned combat skills and well-coordinated teamwork to win. When playing against Devastators, skilled players must use their weapons wisely, taking advantage of weaknesses and planning their attacks perfectly.

Destroying these mechanical monsters requires tactical flexibility and adaptability, whether it’s using timed grenades to get through their defences or planning flanking moves to take advantage of weak spots. On Helldivers 2’s Multiplayer game harsh battlefields, Helldivers can only hope to beat the powerful Devastators by staying determined and working together well.

How To Find and Beat Devastators in Helldivers 2

  1. Identify the presence of Devastators on planets targeted by “The Bots” Automaton Faction.
  2. Recognize Devastators as large bipedal robots with heavily armored bodies and concealed heads.
  3. Note the strategic placement of rockets on their shoulders.
  4. Focus on targeting the buried head of Helldivers 2 Devastators.
  5. Utilize weapons capable of penetrating armor effectively.
  6. Employ explosives to exploit vulnerabilities and defeat Devastators efficiently.

Essential Strategies for Facing Devastators

How to Understand the Enemy:

  • The Devastator units look like heavily armoured versions of the Berserker enemies. They use miniguns, rocket launchers, and flamethrowers as weapons.
Helldivers 2: How To Find and Beat Devastators
  • Weakness: A glowing red core in the middle of their chest is their main weakness.

Plans for offence:

  • Focus on the Core: Use powerful weapons like rocket launchers, anti-tank rifles, or accurate sniper shots to hit the red core as a top priority. When you destroy the core, the Devastator is gone right away.
  • Work as a team: Plan your attacks with your teammates so that you can all fire at the core at the same time, killing Devastator units quickly and effectively.
  • When choosing a weapon, think about ones that do a lot of damage to a single target or can go through armour. If it’s hard to aim for the core, shotguns can work well up close.

Weapon Loadouts for Dealing with Devastators

High damage to a single target:

  • Primary: R-63 Diligence (Marksman Rifle) or R-99 Justice (Laser Cannon)β€”These weapons are great at going through armour and dealing a lot of damage with a single shot.
  • Secondary: P-2 Peacemaker (Pistol) or S-10 Salvation (Grenade Launcher). The Peacemaker does a lot of damage all at once, and the Salvation’s grenades can break through armour.

Managing crowds and getting around:

  • Primary: A-20 Avenger (Autocannon) or C-11 Compassion (Assault Rifle). The Avenger does damage over time and can block Devastator attacks, while the Compassion is mobile and has a lot of ammo.
  • The secondary weapons are the P-19 Protector (a shotgun) or the S-9 Serenity (a flamethrower). The Protector does short-range burst damage, while the Serenity can control crowds and damage armour over time.

Help and Teamwork:

  • Coordinate: Talk to your team and aim your fire at the Devastator. One player can use a weapon that does a lot of damage while others control the crowd or help them.
  • Helpful Stuff: Medical Drone, Shield Dome, and Orbital Repair Beam can keep your team alive and working, so they can focus on defeating the Devastator.

Tips for Surviving Devastator Encounters

Being ready is important:

  • Squad Makeup: It’s important to have a balanced squad. You should have at least one medic who can heal and revive, a support class that can give and take away buffs and debuffs, and damage dealers like assault or tactical specialists. Think about which perks and weapons will help you defend against Devastator attacks (for example, EMP grenades for shields and high-damage weapons for weak spots).
  • Gear Up: Wear heavy armour to make it easier to stay alive, and add perks that improve your health, resistances, and ability to dodge. In case of an emergency, you might want to keep things like medkits and stimulants on hand.
  • Learn About Your Enemy: Look into the Devastator’s weak spots and how it attacks. The pros and cons of each variant are different. Practise finding your weak spots and focusing on them effectively.

Ways to fight:

  • Move around: Don’t pile up! Damage from Devastator attacks spreads out over a large area. To avoid getting caught in blasts, keep your distance and keep moving.
  • Focus Fire: Talk with your team about where to aim your fire to hit weak spots. Cutting off certain limbs can make the Devastator weak and open up new ways to hurt it.
  • Support: Medics should focus on bringing downed teammates back to life and making sure everyone stays healed. Helper classes can get tactical advantages by using area-denial tools, buffs, and debuffs.

Is Helldivers 2 available for purchase yet?

Yes, Helldivers 2 was released on February 8, 2024, so it is available for purchase now. You can buy it on both PC and PlayStation 5.


How do you salute Helldivers 2 ps5?

In Helldivers 2, all you have to do to Emote is press the button that goes with it. It’s that easy. Users of a controller will normally press B on the keyboard or Left on the D-Pad to show emotion.

How many people are on Helldiver 2?

As of this writing, 235,933 people are currently playing Helldivers 2. As a multiplayer-focused follow up to the cult classic Helldivers, the new game aimed high in terms of how many people it thought would play it.

How good was the Helldiver?

Pilots and ship captains didn’t seem to like it either. The type was faster than the Dauntless, though, and by the end of the Pacific War, the Helldiver was the main dive bomber and attack plane on USN carriers.

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