How to Hide List All Tabs Icon in Firefox

Feeling overwhelmed by the "List All Tabs" icon in Firefox? Learn how to hide it and reclaim your toolbar space!

According to user comments, Firefox’s most recent update has made the “List all Tabs” icon stay visible. This is different from how it used to work, where it only showed up when tabs couldn’t fit in the visible area. In this guide we showed how to Hide List All tabs icon in Firefox.

Some users are upset about this change because they liked how the icon used to be contextually visible and let them know when there were too many tabs to show at once. “List all Tabs” is useful for people who want to quickly move between many open tabs because it makes them easy to find and handle, and it even has a search function.

But the button being there all the time may make the interface too busy for people who rarely need to use it. Some users would like to go back to the old way of things, where the button only showed up when it was needed. This would save screen space while still making it easy to get to tools for managing tabs. For more information go their official website.

How to Hide List All tabs icon in Firefox

  1. Open the Firefox browser.
  2. Visit about:config.
  3. Go to browser.tabs.tabmanager.enabled and click on it.
  4. Set the number to FALSE.
  5. Restart Firefox.

Turn off Firefox View for good in the browser

  1. Type about:config into the address bar of Firefox and press Enter.
  2. To get to the Advanced Preferences page, click the “Accept the Risk” button.
  3. Type browser.tabs.firefox-view into the search box at the top of the page.
  4. The number for browser.tabs.firefox-view will show up in the grid below the search box. Double-click it to make it true.
  5. Just restart the browser, and you’re done!

Why Hide the List All Tabs Icon?

  • Accessibility: The icon provides consistent access to all tabs, even for users with many open tabs who might not see individual tabs anymore.
How to Hide List All tabs icon in Firefox
  • Discoverability: Especially for new users, the icon makes the “Tab Manager” feature easily discoverable.
  • Search and Organization: Clicking the icon reveals a list of all tabs, allowing users to search, navigate, and manage their open tabs effectively.

However, some users might prefer a different approach for various reasons:

  • Cluttered Interface: Some users might find the icon visually distracting, especially if they only use a few tabs and prefer a cleaner look.
  • Unnecessary Feature: They might not need the icon readily available if they rarely have many open tabs or prefer keyboard shortcuts for managing tabs.

Benefits of Hiding the List All Tabs Icon

  • A cleaner interface: Hiding the “List All Tabs” icon can make your browser’s interface look better, especially if you like simple designs. This cuts down on visual distractions and might help you focus on the current tab.
  • More space: Hide the icon to make the tab bar a little bit wider. This can be helpful if you have a lot of open tabs because it makes it easier to see the names of each one.
  • Encourages Keyboard Shortcuts: By removing the icon, you’re telling the browser to use keyboard shortcuts to manage tabs instead. This can be faster and more useful than using the mouse to get to the list, especially for power users.
  • Ability to be customized: Hide the icon to make your browsing experience unique by adjusting the layout to your needs and tastes.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

Less easy to get to:

  • Finding Specific Tabs: It gets harder to find a specific tab among many open tabs. You might have to use keyboard shortcuts to switch between tabs or scroll through a list that could be quite long in the menu that you can get to by hitting the three dots menu button.
  • Less Intuitive Navigation: People who are used to how the icon works might find it harder to quickly switch between tabs, especially if they have a lot of them open.

Not noticing open tabs as much:

  • Losing Track of Open Tabs: It gets easier to lose track of open tabs, which could cause you to close a tab you needed by mistake or forget about tasks that are still running in certain tabs.
  • Reduced Multitasking Efficiency: It takes longer to switch between open tabs, which could slow you down if you do a lot of switching between tabs to do different things.


How do I get rid of the list all tab button in Firefox?

To hide the “List all tabs” (Tab Manager) button, go to the about:config page and set browser.tabs.tabmanager.address = false.

How do I hide all tabs in Firefox?

Full Screen mode is the only way to hide the Tab bar. To make the tab bar shorter, you might want to try compact mode. If you wrote that the title bar has the same information, you can also hide it in customize mode.

How do I hide all open tabs?

You can hide and show tabs without using the toolbar button. Instead, press Alt+Shift+A on your computer.

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