How to Add Important System Data in Windows 11/10

Microsoft collects diagnostic data from Windows in order to assist in the fixing of problems, as well as to ensure that Windows is always updated, secure, and functional. It also helps us develop Windows and other Microsoft goods and services, and it delivers more pertinent advice and recommendations to customers who have enabled the setting up of personalised experiences to improve Microsoft and third-party products and services for each customer’s needs. These benefits are all a result of the fact that it enables consumers to build up personalised experiences.

Operating systems such as Windows are dependent on diagnostic data in order to properly comprehend the needs of end users. This data is an extremely useful instrument that makes it possible to implement ongoing improvements and user-driven development. Explore the impact that diagnostic data has on the Windows operating system with me.

The Power of User Feedback and Diagnostic Data

Diagnostic data serves as the voice of each user in the development and improvement of the Windows operating system. It provides valuable insights into real-world usage, enabling Microsoft to prioritize user needs and make informed decisions that benefit both consumers and business customers.

Enhancing App and Driver Quality

By leveraging diagnostic data, Windows can drive improvements in apps and driver quality, ultimately raising the bar for the entire ecosystem. This data allows for the swift identification and resolution of critical security and reliability issues, leading to reduced downtime, lower costs, and increased productivity for users. The process of identifying and swiftly resolving issues, as highlighted by a specific video driver example, showcases the tangible benefits of diagnostic data in action.

Diagnostic data gives users a voice

Each user is given a voice in the development and ongoing enhancement of the operating system through the diagnostic data that is provided.

This enables us to learn how Windows operates in the real world, focus on the objectives of users, and make decisions that are informed so that they are beneficial to both consumer and commercial customers. These advantages will be illustrated using examples drawn from real life in the sections that follow.

Improve application and driver quality

Our diagnostic data improves Windows and Windows Server, improving application and device driver quality. Diagnostic data helps us quickly find and fix significant Windows programme and device driver reliability and security issues. We can detect an application that crashes on devices utilising a specific video driver and work with the application and device driver manufacturer to swiftly fix the issue. Less downtime, lower expenses, and higher production result from overcoming these difficulties.

In older Windows versions, a video driver crashed on some devices, causing them to reset. Our diagnostic data indicates the problem, therefore we notify the video driver developer immediately. We update Windows Insider drivers within 24 hours with the developer. We validated the new video driver version using Windows Insider device diagnostics data and released it to the public the next day.


How do I save system information in Windows 11?

Windows Start logo click. Type “MSINFO32”. This opens “System Information”. Click Save in the File drop-down to save in NFO format.

How do I share my full diagnostic data in Windows 10?

Choose Basic in Diagnostics Data. Select Home > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot. If you choose Basic, Share Full Diagnostics data will provide further problem suggestions.

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