Enhance Your Browsing: Customizing New Tab Pages in Google Chrome

If you spend a substantial amount of time online, you might want the New Tab page in Google Chrome to feel like your own personal dashboard. In this updated guide, we’ll explore how you can transform the standard New Tab page into a personalized hub that caters to your preferences. Let’s dive in and unlock the full potential of your browsing experience.

Personalizing Your New Tab in Google Chrome

While Google Chrome’s default New Tab page might suffice for many, there’s a world of customization at your fingertips for tailoring it to your unique needs. If that piques your interest, you’re in the perfect place. This article will walk you through changing your New Tab page in Chrome, offering a slew of customization possibilities like changing the background, adjusting thumbnails, and more to enhance your browsing experience.

Changing the New Tab Page in Chrome

  1. When you open a new Chrome tab, look for the thumbnail you wish to remove.
  2. Hover over it and click the “X” that appears in the upper right corner.
  3. A notification will confirm the removal. If you change your mind, simply click “Undo.” Alternatively, if you want to revert to the original setup, select “Restore all” to bring back all previously removed tiles.

Chrome Extensions to Amplify Your New Tab Page


Popular among Chrome users, Impulse lets you redesign the dashboard, incorporating productivity tools like a to-do list and focus feature. Join the millions enjoying the benefits of this extension, available in both free and premium versions for greater customization and integration capabilities.

Leoh New Tab

Appreciated for its minimalist design and robust customization options, Leoh New Tab tops Chrome Store ratings with over 50,000 users. Add in your Google Calendar, create to-do lists, or indulge in the Zen Mode with tranquil background videos for a serene browsing atmosphere.

New Infinity Tab

New Infinity Tab combines beauty with functionality in an elegant design, supported by over 700,000 users. This extension, which garners high praise for its sophisticated look and Google integrations, including Gmail notifications, stands out as a gem amongst new tab options.

Adding a Chrome Extension to Replace the New Tab Page

  1. Choose your desired extension and click “Add to Chrome” next to the title.
  2. Post-download, locate the extension icon in the upper right corner of Chrome.
  3. Engage in the brief setup process as prompted, and enjoy your newly-enhanced New Tab page!

Editing Chrome’s New Tab Page Thumbnails

  1. Hover over a thumbnail and click the three dots in the upper right corner, then choose “Remove” to delete it.
  2. To reverse your action or reset to default thumbnails, use the “Undo” or “Restore default thumbnails” options respectively.

To rename or alter the URL links of thumbnails:

  1. Again, hover and click the three dots.
  2. Select “Edit Shortcut,” and a prompt will allow you to adjust the “Name” and “URL.”
  3. Customize these to suit your browsing habits.

Closing Thoughts: Elevate Your Google Chrome New Tab Page

This guide’s aim is to empower you with the knowledge to customize your New Tab page in Google Chrome, turning it into a personalized space that boosts your productivity and enhances your web experience. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out through the contact form. And if you’ve found this guide beneficial, spread the word to friends and family who might appreciate these browser-enhancing tips.

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