Mastering Smart Stacks and Widgets on Your iPhone

If you’re looking to elevate your iPhone experience, iOS’s latest features provide an array of customizable and intelligent options. We’ll dive into how you can harness the power of widgets and Smart Stacks to optimize your iPhone’s home screen and make your every interaction more fluid and personalized.

Adding a Personal Touch with Widgets on iOS

To start personalizing your home screen, press and hold any empty area until the icons jiggle, then tap the plus sign at the top left corner. Choose a widget and select its size by swiping. Tap ‘Add Widget,’ then ‘Done’ to set it in place. If you’re using iOS 15 or later, your widgets offer even more dynamic capabilities. Dive into the gallery and explore!

Curating the Today View

The Today View is another layer of your home screen, this time with a focus on immediate access to widgets. Swipe right to view, scroll to the bottom, tap ‘Edit’, and hit the plus button. Select a widget, choose its dimension and hit ‘Add Widget’, then ‘Done’. Manage your privacy settings for the Today View within the ‘Face ID & Passcode’ or ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ section to grant lock screen access.

Revamping Your Widgets

When modifying widgets, tap and hold one, then select ‘Edit Widget’ to make adjustments. For a more profound reorganization, including within Smart Stacks, opt for ‘Edit Home Screen’, where you can pile widgets or reorder them within stacks by dragging.

Utilizing Smart Stacks

Smart Stacks are a powerhouse for iPhone users who enjoy dynamic content. You create a Smart Stack by dragging and dropping widgets on top of each other. The stack will auto-rotate, showing you the most relevant widget based on time and activity. To add widgets to a stack, simply drag a widget to your existing stack.

Streamlining Your Smart Stacks

For maintenance of your Smart Stack, press and hold it, pick ‘Edit Stack’, and swipe left to remove items. Adjust the ‘Smart Rotate’ to control the automatic content switch.

Efficient Widget Removal

If a widget no longer serves your needs, long press it and select ‘Remove Widget’. A Smart Stack can also be swiftly dismantled by choosing ‘Remove Stack’.


1. Can I resize widgets after adding them to my home screen?

On iOS 15 and newer, resizing widgets once they’re on the home screen isn’t possible. However, you can delete the current one and add a new widget of the size you prefer.

2. How can I ensure privacy for certain widgets on my lock screen?

To safeguard your privacy, head to the ‘Settings’ app and navigate through ‘Face ID & Passcode’ or ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ to control which widgets appear on the lock screen.

3. What’s the best way to organize my widgets in a Smart Stack?

Edit the Smart Stack by pressing and holding it, then drag widgets to reorder them based on your preference or delete them as desired. Use the hamburger (three lines) icon for a better grip.

4. Is removing a widget from the Today View the same as deleting from the home screen?

Yes, it involves a similar process. Edit the Today View and tap the minus symbol to remove the widget.

Conclusion: Customizing Your iPhone with Widgets and Smart Stacks

Stay ahead of the curve by enriching your iOS user experience with smartly placed widgets and Smart Stacks. Referring back to this guide, you can rapidly adapt your iPhone’s home screen to reflect your evolving lifestyle and preferences, ensuring that the information and features you value most are always right at your fingertips.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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