Enhancing Your Videos with Text: A Guide for Windows 10 Users

Are you looking to give your videos that extra edge with on-screen text? You’re in luck because Windows 10 has built-in features that allow you to do just that. In this guide, we’ll explore how to add captions, titles, and annotations to your videos using the Microsoft Photos app – your gateway to polished, informative, and entertaining video content.

Step-by-Step: Adding Captions and Titles Using Windows Photos

Windows 10 isn’t just the gateway to seamless computing; it’s also your video editing companion. With the Microsoft Photos app, enhancing your video projects with captions and titles is simpler than you might think. Here’s how to get started:

Text Overlay Tutorial for Windows 10 Photos App

The process of embedding text into your video segments can significantly improve the viewer’s experience. Let’s delve into the actual steps for turning your vision into reality:

  • Splitting Your Video: Begin by dividing your video into sections. Add titles against a background video or still image that encapsulates the essence of that segment. If you’re lacking images, use the add photos/videos option to browse the web.
  • Selecting Imagery: Choose licensed images from preset categories, ensuring you attribute credit accordingly.
  • Addressing Aspect Ratio Issues: If your chosen image doesn’t fit perfectly, use the resize option to crop out any black edges, maintaining the visual appeal.
  • Caption Alignment: To align your text with the video backdrop, enter your caption in the designated text box. Then, pick the most fitting animated text style to complement your video.
  • Timing Your Text: If your text animation seems off, adjust the duration to around 3 to 4 seconds for optimal readability and effect.
  • Adding Credits: For a professional touch, use the Classic text style to list credits at the end of your video. Acknowledge each contributor on separate lines, including yourself!

Final Thoughts: Elevating Your Visual Narratives

Understand that by adding text to your videos with Windows 10’s Photos app, you’re not just labeling your content; you’re transforming it into a cohesive, richly narrated experience that speaks to your audience. Whether for instructional purposes, adding depth to your storytelling, or providing context, text overlays serve as a powerful tool in your video editing arsenal.


Q: What are some good practices for adding text to videos in Windows 10?

A: Focus on clarity and simplicity in your text choice, maintain brevity, ensure synchronization with the video timeline, and use contrasting colors for readability.

Q: Can I add animated text to my videos in Windows 10?

A: Yes, Windows 10 Photos app provides a variety of animated text styles to choose from, adding a dynamic flair to your video content.

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