Embedding YouTube Videos in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover the simplicity and versatility of cloud-based document editing as we unveil a clever method for integrating YouTube videos into Google Docs. Prepare to enhance your documents with multimedia content effortlessly!

Seamlessly Integrate Videos into Your Documents

Google Docs shines as a stellar cloud-based word processor that revolutionizes the way we create and share documents. However, one limitation that users encounter is the inability to directly embed YouTube videos within the text. This seems like an oversight, considering both Google Docs and YouTube fall under the expansive Google ecosystem. Fortunately, there’s an ingenious workaround that lets you incorporate video playback into your Google Docs, making your documents more engaging and informative.

1. Choosing Your Video and Using Google Slides

Selecting the YouTube video you want to feature in your document is your first step. To bridge the gap between Google Docs and video embedding capabilities, we’ll utilize Google Slides:

  • Launch a new presentation by opening Google Slides and starting a new project.
  • Access the ‘Insert’ menu, then navigate to ‘Video’ to begin the embedding process.
  • Utilize the ‘Search’ tab to find a YouTube video or paste the video’s URL directly under the ‘By URL’ tab.
  • Finish by choosing ‘Select’ to add your chosen video to the slide.

With the video now linked to Google Slides, it’s ready to be included in your Google Docs.

2. Embedding the YouTube Video into Your Google Doc

With your video sitting snugly on a Google Slide, follow the steps below to weave it into the fabric of your Google Doc:

  • Head to the ‘Insert’ tab in Google Docs’ top toolbar and select ‘Drawing,’ then ‘New.’
  • Create a static image of your video from Google Slides. Copy this image, then paste it into the Drawing tool within your Google Doc.
  • Anchor the YouTube video’s URL to the newly pasted image by selecting it and opting to ‘Insert link’ from the drop-down menu.
  • After inserting the link, you might notice the lack of a play button on the image. To add a play icon, double-click on the video’s image in Google Docs, taking you to the Drawing editor where you can overlay the play button graphic.
  • Complete the process, and now, clicking the image will smoothly redirect to YouTube for video playback – giving the illusion of an embedded video.


By leveraging Google Slides as an intermediary, you can successfully circumvent Google Docs’ limitation and simulate the embedding of YouTube videos within your documents. This integration brings dynamic content to your fingertips, keeping your audience engaged and your documents vibrant.


Q: Can I directly embed a YouTube video into Google Docs?

A: No, Google Docs does not support direct embedding of YouTube videos. However, you can use the workaround involving Google Slides to include videos in your Docs indirectly.

Q: How do I ensure everyone can view the embedded videos in my Google Doc?

A: Make sure the slide or document with the video link is shared with the proper permissions, and the users have internet access to view the content on YouTube.

This revised content aligns with the goal of providing a comprehensive and engaging guide on embedding YouTube videos in Google Docs, enhanced for both readability and SEO.

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