Entering Safe Mode in Windows 11: Essential Steps for Troubleshooting

Welcome to the definitive guide on booting into Safe Mode in Windows 11. Whether you’re experiencing compatibility problems or software glitches, Safe Mode is a powerful tool for diagnosing and resolving issues. Let’s dive in and discover the various ways to access Safe Mode in Windows 11.

In this comprehensive tutorial, you will learn multiple techniques for starting Windows 11 in Safe Mode—from system settings to the ease of the Start menu, as well as using command-line prompts. For those who need Safe Mode regularly, we’ll also discuss how to set your PC to boot in Safe Mode by default.

To initiate Safe Mode in Windows 11, please proceed with the following:

  • Through Windows Settings: Find ‘Settings’ using the Start menu search, and click through to open it. Navigate to ‘System’ and under that, locate ‘Recovery’. Select ‘Restart Now’ beside ‘Advanced startup’ to enter the Windows Recovery Environment. Choose ‘Troubleshoot’, then ‘Advanced Options’, followed by ‘Startup Settings’, and finally press the desired function key (F4, F5, or F6) to boot into Safe Mode.
  • Via the Start menu: Hit the Start button, click on the ‘Power’ icon, and while holding SHIFT, select ‘Restart’. Follow the previously described steps once in the Windows Recovery Environment.
  • Using the Login Screen: Select the ‘Power’ icon located bottom-right, hold SHIFT and choose ‘Restart’. Once in recovery mode, the steps mirror those already outlined above to boot into Safe Mode.
  • With Command Prompt: Search and open ‘Windows Terminal’ from the Start menu, execute the prescribed command, and conform to the aforementioned instructions post-command entry.
  • For Automatic Safe Mode Start-up: Press WINDOWS + R, type ‘msconfig’, and hit Enter. Go to the ‘Boot’ tab, tick the ‘Safe Boot’ option, click ‘OK’, and reboot your PC.


Q: Why is Safe Mode necessary in Windows 11?

A: Safe Mode is a minimalistic startup option that allows you to run Windows with only the essential drivers and services. This mode is crucial for diagnosing and resolving conflicts or errors caused by third-party software or drivers.

Q: Is Safe Mode accessible via Command Prompt in Windows 11?

A: Absolutely, Safe Mode can be reached using the Command Prompt through the ‘Windows Terminal’. Simply follow the method outlined in our guide to activate Safe Mode.

Q: How do I set my computer to always boot in Safe Mode?

To establish Safe Mode as your default boot option, access the ‘System Configuration’ tool by pressing WINDOWS + R, typing ‘msconfig’, and hitting Enter. In the ‘Boot’ tab, you will find the ‘Safe Boot’ option which needs to be checked. Apply the changes and reboot.

Q: Can I access Safe Mode directly from the login screen?

A: Yes, Safe Mode can be prompted right from the login screen. Utilize the SHIFT + Restart method via the ‘Power’ icon to enter the Windows Recovery Environment and then proceed as guided above.

Wrapping Up: Your Guide to Safe Mode in Windows 11

With the step-by-step methods provided, booting into Windows 11’s Safe Mode should be a straightforward task. Use these instructions as a reference whenever you need to troubleshoot your system. Should you encounter further complications or have additional queries, we are here to help you navigate through them.

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