Creating Engaging Twitter Spaces from Your Desktop

Discover how to leverage the power of Twitter Spaces to connect with your audience through engaging audio discussions right from the convenience of your desktop.

Embark on the Twitter Spaces Journey from Your PC

Twitter Spaces, the social media giant’s answer to audio chat rooms, now offers you the ability to tune in and participate in live discussions via desktop and mobile browsers. If you are an influential Twitter user with a following of 600 or more, you can dive into hosting your very own Space. Though primarily aimed at mobile users, all Spaces are inherently public, which means they’re accessible to anyone interested, even from the web.

When you decide to host a Space or join as a speaker, your activity becomes visible to your followers, placed prominently at the top of their feeds. It’s not just limited to your circle; listeners worldwide can pop into the Space, making it a potentially global conversation.

  • While the full functionality of hosting a Space on a web platform is forthcoming, joining existing Spaces is a breeze. Click on your profile icon, usually nestled under “Fleets”, and select ‘Spaces’ to slip in as a listener. Remember, Spaces are open doors – you’re welcome irrespective of whether you follow the host or not.
  • Invitations to join a Space can be personal or public – shared through direct messages, tweets, or even off-platform links. Within a Space, there can be up to 11 participants, including the host. Initiating a Space is as simple as tapping “Name your space” and “Start your space”. You can even schedule Space events in advance, setting a specific time and date for your discussion to take flight.

Initiating Twitter Spaces on the Go

  • Launch Twitter in your preferred mobile web browser.
  • Select your profile icon in the top corner.
  • Scroll to the extreme right; tap ‘Spaces’.
  • Decide who can join your Space by choosing from Everyone, People you follow, or by extending an invite to specific speakers only.
  • Press ‘Start your space’ to begin.
  • You can now invite up to 10 additional speakers to join the conversation.
  • As the Space becomes active, add a succinct description to entice your audience.


Congratulations, you are now equipped to join and host Twitter Spaces from your desktop with ease. Engage with your circle, expand your influence, and foster meaningful discussions within the Twitter community.


Q: Can I create a Twitter Space from my desktop computer?

A: Currently, Twitter allows you to join Spaces as a listener from a desktop, but hosting is limited to the mobile app. Keep an eye out for updates as this feature may be available in the future.

Q: Are there any limitations on who can join or speak in a Twitter Space?

A: Anyone can join a Space as a listener, but the host controls who can speak. When creating a Space, you can choose to allow everyone, people you follow, or only those you invite to speak.

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