Maximizing Android Efficiency with Nova Launcher and Sesame Shortcuts

An immersive exploration of how pairing Nova Launcher with Sesame Shortcuts can transform your Android experience, making search and navigation effortlessly fluid and adaptive.

Delve into the synergy between Nova Launcher and Sesame Shortcuts, highlighting their individual strengths that, when combined, provide a seamless and accelerated approach to mobile search and app management.

Examine the advanced features and customization options brought forth by Sesame Shortcuts, focusing on how they complement Nova Launcher’s already robust capabilities, thus offering an even richer, more dynamic user interface.

Cutting-Edge Search and Navigation on Android with Nova Launcher and Sesame

In today’s fast-paced digital age, accessing your favorite apps and contacts instantly on Android devices is not just a convenience, it’s a necessity. With the innovative combination of Nova Launcher and Sesame Shortcuts, you can achieve just that. Embracing this powerful duo not only streamlines your smartphone experience but also brings a wealth of shortcuts right to your fingertips.

Why Pair Nova Launcher with the Sesame Add-on?

  • Nova Launcher stands out as a premier choice for Android customization with its wide array of distinctive features. Its compatibility with multifarious plugins and apps cements its position as the quintessential Android launcher worldwide. With the introduction of the Sesame add-on, Nova Launcher’s functionality reaches new heights.
  • Sesame Shortcuts serve as a universal search and quick-access tool, especially fine-tuned to enhance Nova Launcher’s capabilities. Designed to support both legacy and current Android devices, Sesame propels your launcher experience forward, allowing for greatly expanded app shortcuts encompassing a diverse spectrum—from daily apps like Contacts and Tasker to entertainment hubs like Spotify and Netflix. Its dynamic shortcuts are crafted to evolve with your usage patterns.

Enabling the Power of Sesame on Your Device

  • Before you embark on your journey with Sesame, ensure that your device is equipped with Nova Launcher—preferably the Nova Prime version for an extended suite of customization powers. Once Nova Launcher is set up, head over to the Google Play Store and install Sesame.
  • Commencing with Sesame is straightforward. Launch the app following installation, navigate through the setup guide, and sync the services of your choice for an integrated search experience. After configuring permissions and settings, finalize by linking Sesame’s functionality to Nova Launcher’s search.
  • Voilà, you’ve merged Sesame’s ingenious shortcut system with your launcher. Prepare to witness a refined and swift search capability, accessible through a simple gesture or tap within Nova Launcher’s UI. Ready to take it a step further? Embed the Sesame search widget directly on your home screen, enhancing accessibility and aesthetic appeal.

Revolutionizing Your Home Screen with Sesame’s Widget

  • By now, you have unlocked Sesame’s advanced shortcuts, but there is more in store. Add a touch of convenience to your home screen by introducing Sesame’s elegant search widget: simply long-press on your home screen, select the widget, and place it in a prime location for fast, intuitive search access.


The amalgamation of Nova Launcher and Sesame Shortcuts redefines Android customization, elevating your search and navigation to an unprecedented level of precision and speed. This robust partnership not only optimizes your Android experience but also brings out the best in your device.


Q: How does the Sesame add-on enhance the functionality of Nova Launcher?

A: Sesame adds an extensive range of dynamic shortcuts and a comprehensive universal search capability to Nova Launcher, greatly improving app accessibility and overall navigation efficiency.

Q: Can I use Sesame Shortcuts with launchers other than Nova?

A: Yes, while Sesame is optimized for Nova Launcher, it also supports a variety of other launcher apps, expanding its versatility across different user preferences and devices.

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