Updating Android Keyboard Suggestions: Clear Unwanted Learned Words

Ever noticed your Android keyboard throwing up suggestions that are bizarre or incorrect? Chances are, your keyboard has picked up some misspelled words you accidentally typed before. Don’t worry—sprucing up your keyboard suggestions is easy and we’ll guide you through the process for a smarter typing experience.

Clearing Unwanted Gboard Suggestions

On a majority of Android smartphones, the default typing tool is Google’s Gboard. Here’s how to freshen up its vocabulary:

  1. Bring the keyboard up by tapping on any field where you can enter text.
  2. Begin to type the troublesome word until it appears above the keyboard.
  3. Long-press the word to select it.
  4. Confirm by pressing the “Remove suggestion” option—the icon resembling a bin.

For a larger cleanup, visit Gboard settings, under ‘Dictionary’ and ‘Delete learned words and data’ to wipe the slate clean.

Refining Samsung Keyboard Suggestions

If you’re using a Samsung device, the steps differ slightly:

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’, select ‘General Management’ followed by ‘Language & input’, and then ‘On-screen keyboard’.
  2. Choose ‘Samsung Keyboard’ and hit ‘Reset to default settings’.
  3. Tap ‘Clear Personalized Predictions’ and confirm your choice by selecting ‘Delete’.
  4. If you wish to erase a single word, wait for it to appear in the suggestion strip, then long-press and select ‘OK’ to remove it.

Pruning SwiftKey’s Learned Vocabulary

SwiftKey, another favorite among Android users, can also be tidied up with ease:

  1. Activate the keyboard in a text field and type the erroneous word.
  2. Long-press the word once it pops up for suggestions and touch ‘Remove’ from the option box that appears.

To expunge all learned words, head over to SwiftKey settings and reset typing data.

Answers to Common Queries

Is it possible to delete several learned words simultaneously?

Directly from the suggestion bar, Gboard and SwiftKey only permit one-word deletions at a time.

Will the eradication of learned words erase my shorthand and dictionary inputs?

No, the removal of learned words does not extend to your custom shortcuts or the words stored in your personal dictionary.

Does this same method apply to removing words from other third-party keyboards?

Each third-party keyboard may have its unique procedure for deleting learned words, but they generally include an option for resetting learned data.

Why is it advisable to delete learned words from my keyboard application?

Clearing out such words ensures typing suggestions remain accurate, helping to streamline and refine your typing experience.

Wrapping Up the Word Cleanup

With these easy steps, you’re now prepared to purge your Android keyboard of any unwanted learned words. This should lead to more precise and reliable word suggestions, enhancing your typing efficiency. Any futher questions or if you hit a snag? Feel free to seek our assistance!

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