Maximizing Visibility in Google Meet: A Guide to Using Grid View

In today’s collaborative climate, Google Meet, an evolution of Hangouts Meet, offers a dynamic platform for virtual meetings. As businesses and educational institutions increasingly rely on digital communication, the ability to see multiple participants simultaneously enhances the interactive experience. This comprehensive walkthrough will instruct you on activating or deactivating the grid view in Google Meet, ensuring you’re well-equipped for both individual and large-group encounters on any device.

Activating Tile View in Google Meet on Your Computer

  • Initiate by entering a meeting space within Google Meet.
  • In the meeting’s lower right corner, locate and select the icon comprised of three stacked dots for additional options.
  • From the menu, choose “Change layout.”
  • Opt for “Tile” to witness all participants in a collective view.
  • Personalize your visual preference using the slider in the “Change layout” section to control the amount of tile displays.
  • To include your own video feed in the array, click the squared icon found in the top right corner within your view, ensuring a comprehensive meeting involvement.

Introducing Tile View for Mobile and Tablet Use

Grid view is currently not a native feature on mobile devices or tablets within the Google Meet app. To overcome this, follow these steps:

  • Employ the use of your mobile device’s web browser and switch to desktop mode. Access the Google Meet call and adapt the layout as you would on a computer.
  • Alternatively, engage with the Google Meet app and encourage a participant using a computer to share their screen, provided they have the tile layout activated.

Optimizing the Tile View in Google Meet

Should you encounter hindrances such as video stalling after transitioning to a tile layout, consider terminating any superfluous browser tabs, scaling down the number of tiles on display, or deactivating your personal camera feed. You can manage the tile amount by accessing “Change layout” situated at the lower part of your Google Meet interfacing screen.


How do I ensure visibility of all participants in a Google Meet call?

Employ the “Tile” layout via the layout settings to view all call participants concurrently.

What’s the procedure for altering the Google Meet viewing arrangement?

During an ongoing call, click the three-dot icon at your screen’s bottom right, and select “Change layout”.

Is it possible to access grid view on a mobile device?

Direct grid view within the Google Meet app on mobile devices isn’t available at present. Nevertheless, the web browser on your mobile can be a workaround when set to desktop mode, or have a desktop user share their screen with the tile layout enabled.

Troubles with video freezing in tile mode on Google Meet—what should I do?

Adjust your layout to show fewer tiles, close down browser tabs that are not in use, or consider turning off your camera temporarily to improve the situation.


This guide aimed to enhance your Google Meet experience by detailing the process for managing grid view across various devices. With this knowledge, you’re now prepared to personalize your meetings for optimal interaction and productivity. Should further clarification be required, please feel free to reach out through our contact forum. If you’ve benefited from this information, we encourage you to share it with peers and loved ones alike.

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