Maximizing Privacy: Enabling Private Safe in OxygenOS

Today we delve into the steps required to activate Private Safe mode in OxygenOS—a must-know for every OnePlus user concerned with safeguarding their personal media and documents. Our smartphones and tablets are often the keepers of our most intimate moments captured in photos and videos. They also serve as portable offices, housing sensitive documents. Understanding this, OnePlus has innovatively integrated the Private Safe feature into OxygenOS 12, empowering you to protect your private files with password or fingerprint authentication.

The advent of Android 11 for OnePlus handsets brought mixed reactions, but the real stir is caused by OxygenOS 12.0. For those who may not be up-to-date on the OnePlus saga—including its loyal following—the OxygenOS operating system is slated to amalgamate with Oppo’s ColorOS. Marking its first major update since the merger announcement, Android 12 offers a fresh canvas for OnePlus’s software future.

At this juncture, it’s essential to acknowledge that Android 12 and, by extension, OxygenOS 12.0, are currently in their beta phases. Should you possess a OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro, the beta version is at your fingertips for testing, provided that you’re ready to tackle a few inherent bugs. It’s a significant departure from the minimalistic charm of OxygenOS 10 or 11, and not necessarily for the better, depending on your taste. But let’s focus on utilizing the lauded Private Safe feature in the latest OxygenOS iteration.

Activating Private Safe in OxygenOS 12

Establishing and managing Private Safe is straightforward. You’ll want to appoint a dedicated privacy password for this function by accessing the primary settings. Let’s step through the process to harness Private Safe in OxygenOS 12:

  • Head to the settings menu.
  • Descend to and select Privacy.
  • Tap on Private Safe.
  • Prompted by a dialog box, opt to create a privacy password by tapping on ‘Set password’.
  • Navigate the informational message explaining that the privacy password governs App Lock, Hide Apps, Private Notes, and Private Safe. Press ‘Set Unified Password’ to continue.
  • Ensure your privacy password is distinct from your phone’s unlock code.
  • Upon configuring the privacy password, you’ll be directed to set up a recovery email and security question. This is a safety net for password retrieval should memory fail you.

Managing Your Private Safe in OxygenOS 12

With the setup complete, you can revisit Settings > Privacy > Private Safe to move your photos, videos, audio files, documents, and other data into this secure vault. All content within Private Safe becomes accessible solely via the password or fingerprint authentication you’ve established.

If you’re seeking quicker access to Private Safe, consider placing a shortcut directly on your home screen. In the Private Safe menu, tap on the settings icon (denoted by three dots) and select to add the home screen icon.

Final Thoughts

Our tutorial on implementing Private Safe Mode in the latest OnePlus OxygenOS version aims to empower you with enhanced control over your personal files. With these robust privacy measures available, rest assured that your precious memories and vital documents remain secure and under your purview.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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