Effortless Dual-OS Setup: Running Windows 11 Alongside Windows 10 Using a VM

Eager to explore the features of Windows 11 without disturbing your trusted Windows 10 setup? Discover how a virtual machine can be your solution. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the seamless process of installing Windows 11 as a virtual OS while keeping your primary system intact.

Enabling Hyper-V for Virtualization on Windows 10/11

To begin, verify that your hardware is Hyper-V ready. This requires a 64-bit processor that supports Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) and virtualization capabilities (VT-x on Intel CPUs). Your computer should also have a minimum of 4GB RAM, and you’ll need to ensure that virtualization technology is active in the system BIOS. Activate Hyper-V by toggling it on in the “Windows Features” section of your control panel.

Acquiring the Windows 11 ISO File

To kickstart your virtual machine, obtain the Windows 11 ISO by visiting the Microsoft official site. Download the most current release of Windows 11 or opt for the Windows Insider Preview if you’re feeling adventurous. If you prefer custom solutions, you might consider creating a personalized Windows 11 ISO as well.

Step-by-Step: Crafting Your Windows Virtual Environment

Launch the Hyper-V Manager and start a new virtual machine via New > Virtual Machine. A wizard simplifies this configuration, where selecting Generation 2 is preferred for modern Windows versions and allocating no less than 4GB of RAM for optimal performance. Set the network to ‘Default Switch’ and earmark a virtual hard disk space — we suggest 64GB or more. Once done, choose the previously acquired Windows 11 ISO to begin the VM setup.

Embarking on the Windows 11 Installation Journey

Proceed with the on-screen directions to install Windows 11 on your virtual machine, mirroring the straightforward process used when setting up a physical machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is a virtual machine?

A: In essence, a virtual machine (VM) is a software-based emulation of a computer system, providing the functionality of a physical computer. It enables you to run an operating system in a self-contained window on your existing system.

Q: Are there specific Hyper-V system prerequisites for installing Windows 11?

A: Yes, you’ll need a 64-bit processor with Second Level Address Translation (SLAT), CPU support for virtualization via VM monitor mode extension (VT-x for Intel CPUs), at least 4GB of host system RAM, and activated virtualization in the BIOS or UEFI settings.

Q: Is an official ISO necessary for setting up Windows 11 on a VM?

A: While you can use custom or third-party ISO files, for the best reliability and support, it’s recommended to use the official Windows 11 ISO available from Microsoft’s website. You can choose between the latest public release or the Insider Preview versions.

Q: What are the minimum memory and storage requirements for virtual machine configuration?

A: Your host PC should allocate a minimum of 4GB of RAM for the virtual machine. Additionally, your VM should have at least a 64 GB virtual hard disk to accommodate Windows 11’s storage needs.


Adopting Windows 11 through a virtual machine on your current Windows 10 setup embodies the perfect blend of innovation and stability. With this guide, you’ve gained the insights needed to undertake this venture with confidence. Should you have any lingering questions or require further assistance, our virtual doors are always open. Share this newfound knowledge with peers, and continue to support our endeavor for empowering users like yourself!

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