How to Locate and Delete Hidden Apps on Your iPhone

This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough on how to locate and efficiently delete hidden apps from your iPhone. The update reflects the latest features brought to you in the most recent iOS versions, ensuring that you are equipped with up-to-date information and can manage your iPhone apps effectively.

Discovering Hidden Apps on iPhone

With the introduction of the App Library in iOS 14, organizing and finding hidden apps on your iPhone has become more intuitive. The App Library is located on the last page beyond all home screen pages. Simply swipe left until you reach the App Library. It neatly categorizes your apps into folders and includes a search box at the top for easy navigation.

To tidy up your home screen, you can hide apps by moving them to the App Library. This way, they’ll remain accessible in the App Library, but won’t clutter your main display.

Deleting Non-Visible Apps Directly from Settings

If an app’s icon is not present on your home screen or a folder, you can still uninstall it through the iPhone’s settings:

  • Navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Here, apps are listed by the amount of storage they occupy.
  • Locate the app you wish to delete, tap on its name, and select “Delete App.”

The Quick Solution to Permanently Remove Hidden Apps

For hidden apps that cannot be found on the screen, consider using a tool like iCareFone. With this utility, you can remove hidden apps from your iPhone permanently, ensuring they won’t reappear during future iTunes synchronizations.

  • Install Tenorshare iCareFone and connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Navigate to the “Manage” section and select “Apps” to see a list of your installed applications.
  • To uninstall multiple apps at once, select them and click “Uninstall.”

Managing Apps in the App Library

The App Library in iOS 14 and later offers a convenient way to manage your apps. If an app is not on your home screen:

  • Swipe left to access the App Library.
  • Use the search feature to find the app quickly.
  • Press and hold the app icon, then tap “Delete App.”
  • Confirm by tapping “Delete.”

Using iTunes to Remove Apps (Valid for iTunes 12.6.2 and earlier)

For those using earlier versions of iTunes:

  • Launch iTunes and connect your device.
  • Select your device icon and navigate to “Apps” under the Settings menu.
  • Sort the list to find your app. Next to it, you will see a “Remove” button.
  • Click it to delete the app from your iPhone via iTunes.

Conclusion: Mastering App Management on iPhone

Understanding how to locate and delete hidden apps ensures your iPhone remains organized and free of clutter. For further information or assistance, feel free to reach out through our contact forum. Sharing this article can help others who might be facing similar challenges with app management.


Q: How do I see all the apps installed on my iPhone in one list?

A: On iOS 14 or later, you can find an alphabetical list of all installed apps by accessing the App Library and using the search feature at the top.

Q: Can I uninstall multiple apps at once from my iPhone?

A: To eliminate the need for one-by-one deletion, you can use a tool like Tenorshare iCareFone to uninstall multiple apps simultaneously.

This article has been revised to incorporate the latest iOS features and app management tools to ensure a pleasant user experience and optimal device performance.

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