Top Solutions for Resolving Call of Duty Warzone Freezing or Crashing on Windows

Are you grappling with the aggravating issue of ‘Call of Duty Warzone’ crashing or freezing on your Windows PC? You’re not alone. This guide provides a comprehensive set of troubleshooting steps crafted to help you overcome these persistent issues and enhance your gaming experience. Stay up-to-date with practical, user-friendly advice that can keep you immersed in the action without frustrating interruptions.

Troubleshooting Call of Duty Warzone Freezing and Crashing on Windows

Call of Duty: Warzone has cemented its position as one of the most thrilling Battle Royale games, lauded for its stunning visuals and engaging game mechanics. However, even the best games have their quirks, with some Windows users reporting game freezes or crashes. If you’re in this predicament, you’ve arrived at the right destination for answers.

Below, we’ll tackle the root causes and offer tested remedies for the ‘Call of Duty Warzone’ crashing or freezing issue, so you can return to gaming without further ado. For those already versed in the potential culprits behind these ailments, jump straight into the fixes and get back in the game promptly.

Resolving High CPU Usage Issues and Execution Hurdles with Call of Duty Warzone

Activision’s troubleshooting guidance extends across all platforms, including PS4, Xbox, and PC. Should the game freeze, exiting the game entirely and restarting it is a common quick fix. For some, a reboot of the device is necessary to ensure the changes stick. Here’s what to do if restarting doesn’t cut it:

1. Update Your Graphics Drivers

Out-of-date or corrupt graphics drivers are a chief cause of problems in graphics-heavy games. Make sure you’re running the latest driver updates from your graphics card manufacturer, whether it’s NVIDIA or AMD.

2. Adjust Process Prioritization

Setting a lower process priority for the game may relieve pressure on your system and smooth things out:

  • Open Task Manager, navigate to the Details tab.
  • Locate your game, right-click, adjust its priority to ‘Normal.’
  • Save your changes, close, and restart the game or your PC.

3. Turn Off NVIDIA In-Game Overlay

NVIDIA’s in-game overlay can interfere with game performance. Disabling it might just do the trick:

  • In the GeForce Experience, go to Settings.
  • Under the General tab, switch off the in-game Overlay.
  • Restart the game to check for improvements.

4. Expand Virtual Memory

Virtual memory acts as temporary RAM space, easing the load on your system when running demanding tasks or games:

  • Access System Properties, then head to Advanced system settings.
  • Under Performance, click Settings and adjust your Virtual Memory.
  • Set a custom size, recommendably above 2 GB.
  • Apply the settings, and reboot your PC.

5. Close Background Services

End background tasks that could hog your CPU/memory, like Xbox Game Bar, Discord, or your browser:

  • Use Task Manager to end such processes.
  • Head to their respective settings to disable on startup.

6. Manage Startup Programs

Programs that auto-launch at startup could be stealthily consuming resources. Disable these to regain system stability:

  • In Task Manager, switch to the Startup tab.
  • Identify resource-hungry programs and disable them.
  • Reboot and test the game performance.

7. Fine-Tune Game Settings

  • Open the game client and navigate to Graphics Settings.
  • Adjust various graphic options like frame rate limit, texture resolution, shadow map resolution, and others as per your machine’s capability.
  • Save changes and reboot the game client.

Concluding Thoughts on Call of Duty Warzone Freezing or Crashing on Windows PCs

Understanding how to effectively combat the Call of Duty Warzone freezes and crashes can save you from game-day breakdowns. By following these expert-recommended fixes, you’re on your way to uninterrupted enjoyment of one of the most action-packed Battle Royale experiences available today.


Q: How can I update my graphics drivers to improve Warzone performance?

A: Navigate to your GPU manufacturer’s website (NVIDIA or AMD), download the latest drivers, and install them on your system. Alternatively, use the proprietary software like NVIDIA GeForce Experience or AMD Radeon Software to automate updates.

Q: What settings should I adjust in Call of Duty Warzone to prevent crashes?

A: Lowering settings like Texture Resolution, Shadowmap Resolution, and disabling Environmental Occlusion may reduce the load on your system and improve stability. Also, try setting a frame rate limit that coincides with your monitor’s refresh rate.

Keep in mind that regularly maintaining your PC, updating your software, and adjusting settings as suggested can lead to a seamless gaming experience on Call of Duty Warzone as well as other high-performance titles.

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