Troubleshooting Guide: Resolving a Cloned SSD Boot Issue in Windows 10 or 11

Facing booting problems after cloning your hard drive to an SSD? You’re not alone. Read on to unlock the secrets to a smooth booting experience with your newly cloned SSD on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Cloned SSD Boot Woes in the Latest Windows Editions

If your anticipation of a fast system with a cloned SSD turned into frustration because your PC won’t boot, take a breath. You’re about to discover the remedies to make your Cloned SSD boot flawlessly on Windows 10 or the latest Windows 11.

Here, you’ll find the why and the how—the reasons behind the no-boot scenario and the step-by-step fixes. The approaches are battle-tested, ensuring you can boot from your SSD effortlessly.

Reviving Windows Bootability: How to Make Your SSD the Primary Boot Drive

Installing the Cloned SSD Properly

  • Swap USB for SATA. A SATA connection trumps a USB one for booting tasks.
  • Secure the SSD inside your PC using the appropriate SATA slot.
  • Button up your PC’s case and usher in a reboot.

Optimizing the Boot Sequence in BIOS

  • Reboot your PC and instantly summons the BIOS with F2, F12, or DEL.
  • In the BIOS, dance with the arrow keys to the boot tab and crown the cloned SSD the boot king.
  • Hit F10, say yes to saving those changes, and let your PC restart anew.

Marking the Right Partition Active

Step 1: Boot from a Bootable Disk

Commence with a system boot entering BIOS with F2, F8, or DEL, then usher the PC to boot from the EaseUS Boot Disk and revive your system.

Step 2: Active Partition Configuration

  • Engage the EaseUS partition management tool. Survey your disk map, right-click your target partition, and select the “Advanced” submenu.
  • Choose “Set Active” and watch as the software dutifully arranges for an active partition.

Step 3: Reset Boot from Cloned SSD

One more reboot into BIOS to set the PC to start from the cloned SSD, and you should be golden.

Your PC should now awaken from its sluggish slumber, ready to sprint with all your cloned data back in action.

Final Thoughts on Cloning and Boot Configurations

Whether you’re moving to a speedy solid-state drive or upgrading your system with Windows 11, ensuring your cloned SSD boots correctly is crucial. Follow these insightful tips and say goodbye to boot troubles.


Q: How do I verify my cloned SSD is the primary boot option in BIOS?

A: Enter BIOS during startup using keys like F2 or DEL. Within the boot menu, confirm the SSD is listed as the first boot option and save your settings.

Q: What if setting the SSD as the active partition doesn’t resolve the boot issue?

A: Consider checking the SSD for errors with a disk utility tool or consult professional tech support for advanced troubleshooting techniques.

By following this tailored guide, you’ll be equipped to dive into a seamless computing experience with Windows 10 or Windows 11, powered by your efficiently booting cloned SSD.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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