Resolving Division 2 Crashing Issues on Windows 10

Welcome to this updated guide focused on resolving the persistent crashing issues that players face with Division 2 on Windows 10. If you’re struggling with this problem, you’re not alone. Follow this comprehensive tutorial to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

Proven Methods to Fix Division 2 Crashing on Windows 10

Encountering crashes while playing Division 2 can be frustrating, but fear not! Here’s a list of tried-and-tested solutions that cater to ensuring a smoother gaming experience on your Windows 10 system. Before diving in, verify that your PC complies with the minimum or recommended requirements set by the game developers for optimal performance.

Verifying Game Files Integrity

  • Occasionally, missing or corrupted game files can lead to crashes. To ensure all Division 2 files are intact on your system, here’s how you can verify their integrity via Steam:
  • Open Steam, navigate to your Library, right-click on Division 2, and choose ‘Properties’.
  • Click on the ‘Local Files’ tab, then select ‘VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES’.
  • Wait for the verification process to complete, then restart Steam and check if the crashes persist.

Using Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter

  • Windows 10 is equipped with troubleshooters designed to resolve various issues, including game compatibility.
  • To run the Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter for Division 2, find the main game file (Division.exe), right-click it, select ‘Properties’, click the ‘Compatibility’ tab, and use the ‘Run compatibility troubleshooter’.
  • Apply suggested fixes, particularly disabling full-screen optimizations, and see if there’s an improvement.

Keeping Drivers Up-to-Date

  • Outdated or corrupt drivers, especially graphics drivers, can cause game crashes. Keep your drivers updated by downloading the latest versions from your hardware manufacturer’s website.
  • Alternatively, utilize tools like Smart Driver Care to automatically detect and update drivers. Follow the prompts provided by the software to ensure your drivers are current and compatible.

Game Updates Check

  • Last but not least, ensure that Division 2 is up-to-date. Developers frequently release patches to fix bugs and improve performance. Check for and install any available game updates.

Conclusion: Say Goodbye to Division 2 Crashes on Windows 10

This guide has walked you through various strategies to tackle the Division 2 crashing issues on Windows 10. Apply these solutions and get back to enjoying your game crash-free.

FAQs on Preventing Division 2 Crashes

Q: Why does Division 2 keep crashing on my Windows 10 PC?

A: Division 2 could be crashing due to several reasons such as outdated drivers, corrupt game files, or incompatibility issues. Ensure your system meets the game’s requirements and follow the steps outlined in this guide to troubleshoot.

Q: How can I ensure my PC’s drivers are not causing Division 2 to crash?

A: Regularly check for and install driver updates, particularly for your graphics card. Using a tool like Smart Driver Care can simplify this process by automatically updating drivers.

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