How to Resolve Error 0x80070490 on PC and Xbox: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our detailed tutorial aimed at helping you resolve “Error 0x80070490 or 80070490” on PC or Xbox. It has come to light that this error has become a stumbling block for a number of Xbox One and Windows PC users. While it may not be among the most frequent of errors, its resolution is within reach. The error bearing the code 0x80070490 or 80070490 generally manifests when users attempt to switch on their Xbox One console or when they are trying to launch a game or an application on their Windows machine. Without further ado, let’s explore the solutions to this issue.

Encountering the “Something went wrong” error identified as 0x80070490 on your Xbox Series X can be frustrating, particularly when you’re eager to dive into your favorite game or app. Typically stemming from some form of software glitch, this error calls for a specific set of troubleshooting steps to be ironed out. The Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s powerhouse next-gen console released in the latter part of the previous year, offers an impressive gaming experience with its ability to deliver 4K gameplay at up to 120 FPS. Coupled with the Game Pass service providing a plethora of games for a nominal monthly charge, the console’s popularity is soaring. Before digging into the fixes, ensure your Windows PC is at its latest version by proceeding with an update.

How to Fix Error 0x80070490/80070490 on Your Xbox

A Step-by-Step Guide to Resolving Error 0x80070490 or 80070490 on PC or Xbox

  • The “something went wrong” message accompanying error code 0x80070490 on the Xbox Series X frequently pops up when launching a game or app. This issue is indicative of a surprise hiccup, primarily due to a software snafu. Let’s walk you through the necessary troubleshooting steps to address this.
  • Released in the latter stages of the last year, the Xbox Series X is an advanced gaming console from Microsoft’s stables, enabling users to enjoy games in staggering 4K resolution at frame rates reaching up to 120 FPS. The Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service offering access to a vast game library for a modest monthly fee, has only boosted its appeal.

Actionable Steps for Correcting Error Code 0x80070490 on Xbox Series X

  • Encountering this error code when initiating a game or application on your Xbox is a common issue. Here’s what you can do to alleviate this hindrance.
  • Essential Precondition: Ensure your Xbox is operating with the most recent software update.

Restarting the Xbox Series X

The initial step in troubleshooting is to perform a power cycle. This action will refresh the console’s operating system, purging any corrupted temporary data. Time estimated: 5 minutes. Instructions to reboot the console:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Navigate to the Profile and system tab from the right-hand side menu.
  • Choose Settings to open the console’s settings interface.
  • Select General to access basic setting options.
  • Go to Power & startup, leading to the power configuration.
  • Pick the Full shutdown option to power off the console.
  • Confirm by clicking on Shut down.
  • Once powered down, disconnect the power cable for a minute before reconnecting.
  • Power up the console and verify whether the issue is rectified.

Conducting a Factory Reset on the Xbox

If the issue persists after a restart, a complete factory reset of your Xbox may be the next course of action.

  • Activate the Xbox interface by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Select Profile and system from the menu.
  • Go into Settings.
  • Click on System to view system-specific adjustments.
  • Enter Console Info from the options presented.
  • Choose Reset console for restoration options.
  • Opt for Reset and keep my games & apps for a soft reset or Reset and remove everything for a full factory reset.


We trust that our guide on tackling “Error 0x80070490 or 80070490” on PC or Xbox has been succinct and beneficial. Within this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover efficacious solutions for surmounting the Windows Update error code 0x80070490 along with key strategies for safeguarding your Windows system. Whether you are well-versed in tech or seeking assistance for the first time, our guide is here to lend a helping hand. Should you find our contributions worthwhile, feel free to share this knowledge with your community.

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