How to Resolve Google App Crashes on Android Devices

For Android enthusiasts, the Google app is a critical part of their daily interactions with their device. However, sometimes this integral feature can encounter glitches and abruptly crash. If you’re grappling with the Google app crashing on your Android, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with some easy solutions that don’t involve any drastic measures like a factory reset or a new device purchase.

Initiate a Simple Restart

Before diving into more complex troubleshooting, it’s always recommended to start with an elementary step: rebooting your handheld. A quick restart can often iron out minor glitches. Press and hold your device’s power button, follow the prompts to reboot, and see if that brings the Google app back to stability.

Purge Cache and Reset the App

Persistent issues may require you to clear out the Google app’s cache and reset its data. This process erases temporary files and restores the app to its default settings. To clear cache and data:

  • Open Settings and navigate to Apps or Apps & Notifications.
  • Locate the Google app by selecting See all apps if it isn’t immediately visible, then choose it from the list.
  • Tap on Storage & Cache within the app’s information page.
  • Select Clear Cache, and then reboot your device. If the problem remains, opt for Clear Storage or Clear Data and restart once more.

Remember to perform the same steps for other Google system apps, including Google Play Services and Google Play Store.

Update the Google App

Running outdated software can be the root of numerous problems. Ensure that your Google app is up to date by visiting the Google Play Store, searching for the Google app, and hitting the Update button if one is available.

Ensure All Apps Are Updated

It’s crucial to keep all applications updated on your device. Access the Play Store, tap on your profile icon, choose Manage apps and device, then hit Update all under Available updates.

Roll Back Recent Updates

If the crashing began after a new update, derolling might help. On the Google app’s information screen, look for the option to Uninstall updates. After doing this, you can disable automatic updates in the Play Store by going to Settings under your profile icon, selecting Network Preferences, and choosing to update apps manually.

Temporarily Disable the Google App

If you’ve exhausted all above avenues, try disabling the Google app shortly. Navigate to Settings > Apps > Google and select Disable. Later on, reactivate it by tapping the Enable button that replaces the Disable option.


Q: What are common reasons for the Google app to crash on Android?

A: The Google app may crash due to outdated versions, corrupt cache data, system bugs, or conflicts with other apps. Performing regular updates and maintenance steps usually resolves these issues.

Q: How can I restore the Google app’s functionality on my Android device?

A: To restore functionality, restart your device, clear the app cache and data, update the app, uninstall problematic updates, or temporarily disable the app. These actions can often bring the Google app back to working order.

In Summary

Encountering crashes with the Google app on Android can be frustrating, but these outlined steps should assist in rectifying the issue swiftly. As you maintain your device and stay current with updates, such glitches should become a rarity. Should you have ongoing troubles, consider consulting with a professional or visiting an authorized service center. Feel free to share this guide to anyone in need of tackling Google app crashes on Android.

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