How to Troubleshoot Google Drive Sync Issues on macOS

While Google Drive stands as a highly trusted cloud storage platform, Mac users might occasionally encounter syncing problems. If you’re hitting a snag with the ‘Google Drive Not Syncing’ predicament, relax—we’ve lined up five solid fixes to get you back on track.

Restart Sync Process

Initiating with a straightforward solution, toggling the sync feature can often iron out temporary hiccups.

  • Click the Google Drive icon on your menu bar, hit the ‘three-dot’ menu, and select ‘Pause’.
  • After a brief pause, reactivate the sync by clicking the icon again, selecting the ‘three-dot’ menu, and hitting ‘Resume’.

Relaunch Google Drive

Refreshing the application could be the magic trick needed to clear up the issue.

  • Hit the Google Drive symbol, navigate through the ‘three-dot’ menu, and opt for ‘Quit Backup and Sync.’
  • Re-access Backup and Sync via the Launchpad or Applications folder and open it anew.

Re-authenticate Your Account

Periodically, re-establishing your login credentials can provide a fresh slate for syncing operations.

  • Access the Google Drive menu, traverse to ‘Preferences’ within the ‘three-dot’ menu, and select ‘Settings.’
  • Navigate to ‘Settings’, choose ‘Disconnect Account’, and subsequently re-enter your account details.

Reboot Your Mac

A system-wide restart can be the cure-all for various software woes, including sync distress.

  • Click the Apple icon on your screen’s upper-left and choose ‘Restart’ from the dropdown.
  • Upon restarting, relaunch Backup & Sync to attempt a new sync session.

Disable Mac Firewall Temporarily

Network barriers could inadvertently block Google Drive’s syncing capability. As a troubleshooting step, consider a temporary firewall deactivation.

  • Head to the Apple icon, pick ‘System Preferences’, and transition to ‘Security & Privacy’.
  • Hit the ‘Firewall’ tab, unlock the settings with your credentials, and click ‘Turn Off Firewall’.

Concluding Thoughts

Through these strategies, we aspire to arm you with the tools necessary to eradicate the ‘Google Drive Not Syncing’ issue from your macOS experience. Should further complications arise, our forum is at your disposal for additional support. Remember to share this guide within your circles, possibly easing a friend or colleague’s tech troubles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can disrupt Google Drive’s sync function on macOS?

A: Unsteady internet, application glitches, incorrect account settings, or system constraints can impact syncing. Employ the aforementioned resolutions to tackle these challenges.

Q: What are the steps to resume file syncing on Google Drive?

A: Try pausing and restarting the sync feature, quitting and re-accessing the app, signing out and back in, rebooting the Mac, or temporarily deactivating the firewall.

Q: Can I reset Google Drive on my Mac to address syncing issues?

A: Absolutely. Disconnect your account within Backup and Sync’s preferences and log in again to reset.

Q: How much time does Google Drive need to sync?

A: Sync times fluctuate based on file sizes and your connection’s bandwidth. Google Drive aims for seamless syncs, yet settings can be adjusted within Backup & Sync for timing preferences.

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Editorial Staff
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